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  • Opoponax worth trying: Opoponax by Santa Maria Novella, Opoponax by Les Nereides, Bain de Champagne (Royal Bain de Caron) by Caron, Absolutely Vital by Diana Vreeland, Cuir by Mona di Orio, or LAVS by UNUM, just to name a few. Suggestions, in regards to your thread, "If you could choose 1 or 2 notes to pair with real ambergris..."
    Merci, mr. flame :)

    Don't see you often enough around these parts! I hit KL last week - would love to visit SNG again, been a while. Hope all is well there.
    hiya! Great job on the Yatagan and Montaigne reviews. Especially about the Yat and a sultry woman...I may have to quote you if I ever get around to writing mine ...he he
    Happy New Year Bomber dude!
    May all your frags be good ones!
    Merry Christmas bomber dude!
    Hope the weather is good for you in Singapore today and that you get lots of lovely smelly pressies.

    Cheers, Kal
    Yes I think everyone is awesome ... especially me! :cheesy:
    I'm not new to basenotes by the way - we did have a short conversation once about the wonderful *cough* No.3 L'Imperatrice.

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    To see Gregory Peck!

    Thanks for the friendship - now I can tell you bad jokes all day! :thumbsup:
    Oh my gosh!
    All these lovely flowers from all these lovely ladies!
    You must be awesome!
    I'm gonna have to friend request you!

    (I'm actually stalking the BN-ers I like so I can add them to my collection - you seem smart and funny *cough* I mean, weee! :D)
    Hello I've just read an essay about the the pink stinks and the perfumery targets young girls
    with girly girl scents of candy and flowers and the color pink i have an confession
    i own only two pink bottles of perfume and that is all and one is from a celebrity
    but today girls and young women don't know and realize that tresures like
    Bandit Cabochard Habanita and vol de nuit they exist if they do they advoid them like a person
    avoids an wasp's nest because they don't want to smell (like in the most clinche of mantra like a granny) it's sad i love those perfumes and i'm 25 and besides how are you doing? hav'ent spoken it you in ages so seee you tomorrow
    Good afternoon or whatever your time would be
    how are you doing today and what fragrant conquest
    are you after today?
    i'm coming back i just couldn't hold a grudge thing have been said it was in a heat of a moment
    but i'm not going to blog anymore
    nope it's not a glitch it's copyright reasons i am not posting on forums but still
    going to be on but not posting on forums or blogs if their going to do this
    only On the visitors Messages
    Dear to my lovely friends i'm going not to be on BN to much because they deleated my scent de jour
    posts which i worked my ass off i going to delete my perfume warobe but tell grant to delete my
    forum posts and the last two of my blogs but i will still going to have my account but i'm not going to post on forums but i will only communicate on Visitors messages ONLY!
    For Me i love Oriental Floral, Floral Cypre Deep incense woody scents
    ala Habanita Aldehydes of Chanel Yves Saint Laurent Opium
    i'm not familer with mens colognes but i love Brut Drakar Noir
    I don't like Citrus Scents very much
    I've long been a fan of your reviews, but your reply here has got to be the all-time best:

    "Oh crap. I shoulda check the genitalia on those bottles before trying them on... LOL."

    Keep spritzing in good health!
    Hi is it alright to add you as a friend?
    i like your reveiws and classic actors is it allright
    i like getting to know new people :)
    Hello Diamond Flame,

    I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself, As I am a big fan of your reviews.


    Diamondflame- i have similar admiration for your reviews :) you are the reason I found Sonoma Scent Studio, so a big thank you!
    Hello Diamondflame,

    I saw your review of "Cruel Intentions" by Killian and wanted to know if you knew of any other really dark scents. The kind of thing I'm looking for smells...evil or even wicked. I'm looking for the kind of scent you would put on before sleeping with someone to gain state secrets, committing a mass murder, poisoning someone to usurp their position of power, or cheating on a spouse--something a little bit perverse.

    Can't Wait To Hear Back From You!
    thanks for the recommendations sir, I'll be sure to let my lady know so we can test them out
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