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    Hi DerbyMan,

    How's life?

    I read your post on the powerhouse enthusiasts group progile, and here's my humble suggestion:

    1. Lapidus Pour Homme - powdery gorgeous, but not very long lasting, and made me sneeze heavily. Had to give it away.
    2. Trussardi Uomo - okay, but you have far better frags IMO.
    3. Fendi Uomo - a Meisterwerk. Would not think twice!!!
    4. Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui - lovely, albeit a skin scent on me. An alleged sillage monster.
    5. Bijan Men - a longevity/sillage bomb (24 hours, I mean). When overapplied, turns into a bug spray. Dark incense-filled forest beauty if applied in tiny measures.
    6. Sung Homme - very masculine, heavy on oakmoss, fantastic longevity/projection. Thumbs up!
    7. Bogart One Man Show - interesting if strange, test it before you get it.

    Take care.
    Hey Derbyman......I tried to send you a PM this morning, but 'no dice'....your mailbox was full. Drop me a quick note (PM) letting me know when you free up some space and I will resubmit it. Thanks, SillageMonger :coolold:
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