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  • Hello Ettore, just a note to thank you for the many times you have been my unwitting guide through this jungle of fragrance information. Your clear reviews and accuracy in describing the indescribable has led me to many blind successes. Foremost is my discovery of Habit Rouge a few years back. I cannot get away from it. Like a true love, nothing else seems to satisfy. After emptying multiple bottles of HR edt & epd I'd like to find some variety. So - were can I go if Habit Rouge is my idea of perfection? Any suggestions for the coming cold weather? It doesn't seem right to be constant to a single fragrance. Thank you for your help. Jay
    That's an honor coming from you. I still have myself convinced they are just an axious mess given text form, but this gives me hope.
    Thank you
    Good day Darvant,

    I write to thank you for your reviews. I regard them highly and love to read them (even my inner grammar-police is lulled to sleep by them.)


    Hello Darvant, I saw your review on Tiziana Terenzi and wanted to ask you a question. I have been trying everywhere to find the ingredients to this perfume because I need to know if it contains dyes in it, esp. yellow or reds. I am at a loss! Do you know of anywhere I can get this information? Thanks.
    Hello Ettore!

    It's an honor :) Since we last talked in the summer I bought L'Instant de Guerlain EDT, Azzaro pour Homme and Midnight in Paris EDT. I mostly enjoy the first one. Azzaro is interesting as a scent, but I don't think it fits me very well. Maybe I haven't appreciate it properly yet. Midnight in Paris is ok but there is something cheap about the smell that won't let me wear it often. It's a pity because I like powdery scents and I expected a lot from this one. Right now I am in a winter everyday scent purchase dilemma (something to wear to my work as well) between Dior Homme and 21 by Costume National. What's your opinion? Also regarding the Costume Nationals would it be possible for someone to make Scent Intense his everyday scent and wear it during daytime?

    Your friend Nikos
    Good after noon D. Please tell me what Davant means. Tolstoy. Ahh. the look of wisdom no doubt. He is very deep.

    I will try the scents you love. thank you for your recommendations. today i am double stiff. i cleaned a carpet yesterday then today my sweetie is having ladies over so i cleaned house and took up some spots on the carpet.

    I have put on a touch of Amouge Homage this morning. i am wading once again into the frey with a second review of one of Salaam's products, Curio Tartaro (leather). i feel the cowboy coming on.

    hope you are well,

    your dear friend,

    frankie C.

    Habit Rouge. is this the one Luca went on about in the cold room under the perfume museum?

    if so then let me take you there.

    Please read my review on old spice and if you don't smell your vintage Habit Rouge Edt, you still might end up with a smile on your face.

    you are too kind. please tell me your to die for scent as i have sooo very much to learn my friend.

    i thought you were in fact the old man with the long beard but it turns out you are Italian like moi,--though younger and much better looking.

    Who is the bearded man? someone from Rembrandt?

    i posted a review on one of Salaam's perfumes today that you did as well. Mine is not as descriptive but i know so little.

    which of his scents do you love. I am curious about his castoreum that i believe you reviewed?

    All the best and i hope you win big next time you are in court.

    your dear friend,

    frankie Chocolate.
    Thank you, Ettore, and wishing a happy holiday season and fulfilling new year to you, too.

    Hug back!
    You are very welcome. You deserve it. Although your taste not exactly like mine, most of what you like I like them too :).
    Thank you, Ettore.
    I had a little insomnia last night and decided to post some of the reviews that I had sitting around for months. Just to let you know: I'm still keeping up on your excellent reviews regularly.
    A hug back at you!
    Hello Darvant.
    I am a new basenotes member and i have read many reviews of those most popular basenotes members.
    I write to you because I liked very much the way you write , you not seem pretentious ,you dont write those boring almost endless reviews, and the most important, you gave "thumb up" two frags i really love and and are so opposite, Black Afgano and Archive 69.This says to me you have a very wide view about fragrances, you have a "big nose" jaja.
    I hope you keep this way.
    "I would wear this fragrance "intimately" (I mean as a body lotion to wear for special intimate "unmentionable" occasions). A fragrance for all the "without frontiers" sensualists of this wonderful world."

    I love you, Ettore! Brilliant review. I would love to meet you in person one day, because, man, you sound like such fun :tongue:
    Thanks so much, Darvant! That is a real compliment indeed coming from someone like you! I greatly appreciate that. xxx Grazie mille, Claire
    Hello my handsome gorgeous friend. I am still working throught the samples that you so generously sent me. At first I thought that I wasn't going to like the Perris Monte Carlo ones but actually there are a couple of crackers amongst them. They take a little while to get to know. I have posted a little review of Oud Imperial whcih might amuse you...... *smooch*
    Just a quick note amore. Tom Ford's Sahara Noir is terrific!I saw your review. A colleague wears it. The sillage is like smoked frankincense. Gorgeous. Hope all well.
    Never, ever apologise for your English - it renders charm and depth (because you sometimes have to re-read (to understand) a word) to your reviews which I like very much. You have a depth of perception I totally lack. I am the atypical Englishman who says I don't know anything about art/music/wine/perfume but I know what I like. Don't take this as being a joke - this is true of a lot of people. I want help - I love anything from Guerlain (but not Vetiver) and have several. I love sweet perfumes No 88 - Habit Rouge. I like light colognes 4711- eau Cedrat - Farina. I have never smelled anything from Tom Ford or Creed or Lutens that i would buy. I love carnation. I love Angelica but can never find a true transformation into perfume. If you fiind 30 seconds and can pen a few names I would be grateful.
    up the wonderful reviews.
    Oh, I just discovered Etro Patchouli last week and I had to have some. It's great isn't it? I am loving it! Take Care!
    spot on review of Damascena. I recently made a (blind) bottle purchase of the liquid lotion for a paltry price of $15 USD and I love it!
    You are reviewing the O'Driu! How wonderful! What don't you pop over to Alfaroms biiiiig thread. You would be so welcome!
    Another of your reviews reminding me I have a neglected bottle. This time it's Miss Arpels. Oh yes, a beautiful skin-friendlyy scent which flies well under the radar. Shall be my SotD!
    Many thanks for adding me to your list of friends. Your reviews are compelling, spot-on, and immensely entertaining. Thanks for sharing them with me and the rest of Basenotes.

    Darvant, Your beautiful review of Teatro Alla Scala prompted me to immediately find my neglected bottle and enjoy it today...thank you
    Likewise to you, Ettore - have an excellent year.

    I've left Mexico and am back in the north woods again. Things are snowy here and very cold, I'm enjoying the beauty and quiet.

    Hello Ettore,

    Just a short note to say hello to my new BN friend. I really enjoy reading your reviews. You and I have been really busy with reviews lately. I hope you have a great holiday season.

    Take care,

    Great review of Acier Aluminum. Tricky frag to understand but one of my favs by Creed. Loved the way you put: "the tentacles rising from the resinous background tame the initial metal and turn the starting blast in a smoother reminiscence of the smell of a store-attic full of vintage objects". That captures it.
    Always enjoy reading you. If it's Darvant...it's Darn good.
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