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  • That's the post that led to my previous VM. But it reads like a positive review. A like, not a love, and bested by those other leathers we know, but in no way do I get "she's offended" from your words. (oh: read up on al03, obviously)
    I notice you tempting temptation by sampling Fetish. Brave gal, you <hehe>. On that note: have you gotten a tate of that al03 from Biehl? Papsi liked it.
    It's Chanel post-modernist think-tank future-proofing. Harness the glow of #5 without the cost and which much greater scalability and expansion into flankers. Synth yellow flower smiles with almost no top or discernible base because it will BE the base for future works. *sigh*
    Speaking of BaV, my 4ml edp from HK arrived today and is waiting for me at home. Whoop.
    I'll pass your complaint to the author. (@bcdreyer on Twitter).

    There is a real thing called a time-series database :does that give you spine chills?
    Errata: He refers to "series comma" to avoid the "serial killer" association. This comma is
    discussed in Dreyer's English (Random House, 2019), in Chap 3, Sec. 6, to wit: "Only godless savages eschew the series comma."
    Dreyer's English prefers 'serial comma' for good reason, IIRC, one being it's more clear to people outside of literature and journalism.

    :kiss: Wish you a very happy birthday! :kiss:

    Thank you so much! In fact, it could hardly better, with a Vintage Parfum niche choice not very dissimilar to Aventus, champagne and a homemade tiramisu did personally choose the marsala used in both the dip and the frosting.

    Will raise a festive glass in immense gratitude and returning the very kind and thoughtful wishes.

    All the best,

    It wasn't as bad as it sounds. He was razzed into asking me over by boys I knew I didn't like. I'd been aware they were giving him a hard time, making a big deal how they'd chip in to cover his part of the bill. I didn't know a thing about him except I didn't like his asshole younger brother. So, when he asked me to just come and see him at his place, and they were laughing at him, I gave him my warmest smile, looked straight in his eyes, and said "I'd like that." Boy, that shut-em up.
    There's a used book store in my neighbourhood that's open till 11 pm! I just bought a copy of Brave New World for a mere $4; they also had several Martin Amis books, so suggestions welcome! :)
    Many thanks, Maggie--am actually having Ottolenghi dinner tonight. Enjoying the day in Heritage EdP. Drowning my over the hill sorrows in Cotes de Provence. Oh--I got a Big Green Egg (and a table!) for my birthday--I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for everything you do,

    It is, thanks for noticing! I met a talented photographer when I sent to see it in Wyoming, and he sent me a few pics he took with his fancy lens/filter setup. That's one of them.
    Thanks--it is a good group of posters and the great thing is that there are no rules--you can review anything you want!
    It's true, I am mortal. I shall journey on with a heart bursting with disappointment that you failed to gift me some Smart-Arse-Maggie-Noir-Humour. One of my favourite things on this site.

    Oh well, maybe next year :p
    Thanks! :happy:

    No chores until later, though I do have a task or two, but it was a fun day. My wife and I went out for lunch and some "fun" shopping, and I have birthday cheesecake later (some kind of decadent choco-extreme flavor), so all is well. Trying to post more, and sneak in some reviews.

    Won't be long - winter is approaching!

    Thanks again - I really appreciate the message! :beer:
    Don't be hard on yourself. The tag line went on my avatar 13 months ago. Therefore, it took you only a year :)
    Thanks - I appreciate the thought! I may be able to return more soon - not sure yet. I miss you all, too, and my fragrance fix, other than a short SOTD stop. Can't believe I missed the announcement for Fucking Fabulous. LOL! What a time to be alive! AAAAAAAUUUURRRGGGHHH! Don't worry - (best Arnold impression) - "Ahhl be baaaaaahck."
    Thank you, glad to know you care.


    :birthdays: Also, wish (((((you))))) a belated happy birthday, and a great year ahead! :birthdays:
    It's Hot Ham Water. I've wondered how people read it all mashed together, but now I know, haha. Sounds pretty gross, doesn't it? Still, probably more refreshing than sweet tea, but I know you southerners loove it! :wink:

    I've kinda thought people would think I meant to type Gothamwater. A cornish village sounds more noble.
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