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  • Just saying hello. I've decided my perfume studio 'room of broken dreams' is a room of future dreams. Missing everyone. x
    Missing you too Mumsy! So good to hear from you. Hope everything's okay in your world....
    Thanks for recognizing my anniversary! I’ve been here almost as long as I’ve been married to Mr. Kotori!
    Thank you so much for the kind words and while fully enjoying the day, have yet some catching up to do with the favorites movies - this weekend and/or next week the latest
    Surprisingly few PMs, to be honest. I think it was just different this time, vs. previous absences. Not sure exactly how that works, but different, clearly.
    On the bright side, my immunity is kick-ass, and I feed it variants by picking my nose and rubbing my eyes like normal. ;-) But yeah, I took a bit of a hit. Missed the exit ramp to Ventsville-Willoughby. TG.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! At least the news tab about Georgia isn't depressing! I picked White Peacock Lily today. It was kind of a random grab, I haven't worn it in a long time. But I guess I wanted to be a peacock for my birthday!
    Thanks! I miss you too! I’m trying to visit when I can. Got a lot going on with all the virtual learning/kids being home/home remodeling. Hopefully things will calm down soon.
    Happy birthday! I knew it was coming, but thought it was the 27th. Probably got confused because of the time difference. Hope you're enjoying the Hermes.
    One of the " Scout Groups" I share my time with is a collection of boys about the same age, varying Marriage Status. Most of the nuture revolves around arguing Politics and discussing, comparing our meds. You know, serious matters.
    Regardless of Status our eyes and therefore thoughts can be interrupted by a flash of bare Feminine flesh interesting shoes etc. In my case scent plays a part.

    Most of the Western world this kind of scene is played out in shopping malls, cafes, street corners, bars. Continuous.
    Single.Attached. Regardless of Age. Boy Scouts All.
    Happy New Year Girl! My geezer friendswish you also! Today's shoes display has the singles asking me for a sample of Eau d'Hermes. They're professing that they are "The Right Man"
    Hugs and Sloppies
    It really is. And I'm turning 29. Again. For the 5th or 6th time ;)

    I hope I return as well! I hope Scarce does too, the dumb dumb.
    Thanks for saying that. Appreciate it.

    I suppose there is a strong possibility that ban could become permanent, given my temperament. Things like "white-splaining" tend to set me off. But I also have a habit of making disparaging remarks about Trump and people would support that so I've considered my time at Basenotes more or less borrowed time anyway.

    Thanks again for your kind words.
    Don't you see it? It's a kissy face! You must not have seen many kaomoji. :wink:
    Happy birthday homegirl! In your honor, I'll put smoked paprika on something today. Maybe wear a good shot of 1000.
    Yes, I did wear 16~20 shots of Havana today. Swapped out for my usual Lapidus or OMS Au.
    I noticed you mentioned wearing Eau d'Hermes. Ironically I wore this for the first time today, vintage juice that is, and I didn't feel comfortable wearing it at all.
    The word you seek is eponymous :p (from the VSotd thread). Have the OG Armani, too, but I suffer sprayer trubs so I haven't worn it hardly any <sadface>.
    I'm alive and fragrant :) Just spent the past 3 weeks offshore sans internet and fragrance. Plus, 2019 so far has been obnoxiously busy and backburnered BN for me, aside from logging SOTDs. I did have a blast hanging out with Bavard & epapsiou & kin for a weekend back in April, and now I'm itching for some BN time in the coming future. Your's and Suspended's admiration for Vetiver Insolent (and mine of vetiver) led me to pick up a bottle when I found it on the cheap - I'm a fan, especially of the opening, but can't say I'm getting all that much vetiver in the mix. Seems more like a peppery/woody oriental, almost like something Amouage would do (i.e. Honour Man). Either way, I'm glad you and Suspended led me to it.

    If any of the lovely people who have PMed me in the past 4 months are reading this, I did not forget about you and promise to play catch up this weekend. I've let an embarrassing amount of them accumulate.
    wrt your cat's ignore list. Just super skittish (I can overcome that) or just meh over company and humans in general (harder to fix). Acey, LCW (Licensed Cat Whisperer)
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