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  • ComDiva I forgot to celebrate your own BN Anniversary, it was back on June 4th! :angry:

    I'm going to wish you a long overdue Happy 14th BN Anniversary! :beer: Very sorry we forgot!
    Hi there!

    I just thought I'd let you know that I'm loving the samples you sent! The Chamarre is To Die For - so unusual and so beautiful, and I also love A Taste of Heaven I had no idea, but I must be fan of lavender!

    Thanks again for sending them my way!

    Thank you very much! Proud to say that as an old-fashioned guy I asked for opinion, read it very carefully, calmly thought it over and disregarded it eventually;) I went with Versace V/S. Accordingly to info on basenotes it's discontinued now but somehow I found it in a small perfume shop in my hometown (in Olsztyn, Poland). I liked it so much I knew I had a winner;)


    Could You please help me? I'm in trouble looking perfumes for my GF. I know nothing about perfumes but I checked her wardrobe lately and I noticed she likes scents that could be described as florals broken by fruits. She owns Gucci Rush, Escada Magnetism and an untagged bottle shaped like red apple with golden top). I believe she'd rather prefer a bit darker, misterious scents than lighter and ’careless’ ones.

    I would be grateful if You could recommend 3-5 scents which I should check.

    I sent this question to Foetidus but he recommended You as an appropriate person to ask for an answer.

    Thanks in advance.
    Many many happy returns!!
    I hope you celebrate in style with loved ones! :)
    Best wishes & hugs from DK,
    Yay! Small world indeed, and your dear daughter is an absolute delight. Hope to talk soon...

    Hello my dear:

    My phenomenal daughter, Veronica, just called to say that she met you while I was away this weekend! How exciting, and what small worlds we travel in.

    Therese (April)
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