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  • Hello . I was wondering if you knew any local perfume makers who would like to use my as a website? Currently there is no website but I want to help out a local perfume maker. I know the domain is a great name for perfume. I am not asking for money but just to invest in someones creation.
    So if you know someone who could benefit and has a great fragrance kindly email me at
    Thank you.
    I would really like to join your club GLBT, but I can´t find the link.
    please can you help me?
    Very Best Wishes,
    CJ!!! Awesome to see you on the boards again! I've missed you! Actually you're not that late on the congratulations as I haven't been around BN much myself. I'd been away for the winter (winter blahs), then "announced" here in March, and then disappeared again while I got busy with baby preparations. But I'm trying to check in now more frequently, especially with the FFD SotD threads. I love this place! Welcome back!!!
    Hi. When I discovered Mark Cross I new I had found my perfect fragrance. So you can imagine my disappointment when it was discontinued. I have never been able to find anything like it. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Peter
    Hi CJ

    Well, it's looking as though Bvlgari Black is only available at North American outlets. Too bad!

    You offered the chance of sending a sample. Do you think that might be possible? It would be really nice if you could.


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