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  • And then I usually go and spoil the look by speaking, or moving, or, anything really. Yep, do really good 'evils'.
    Sorry folks, I've been away for sometime and now I'm not very well. I didn't mean to be rude and ignore you!

    Hi there!

    I wanted to inquire on your D'Orsay Tilleul. Is it still available?

    Thanks much!
    Hi CoL, I need some help. I am making a summer fragrance purchase and have narrowed it down to Angel Ice*Men and Versace Pour Homme. I don't know if you have had an opportunity to test Versace PH, but would you have any comments/suggestions on the two? Thanks in advance.
    Hi CoL ............. I'm looking for your help
    I love Givenchy Pour Homme so much but it doesn't last well on my skin niether the sillage is strong enough
    Any recommendation of some fragrances that smell the same like Givenchy Pour Homme with much better longivity and sillage? ..... Thank you
    i'm into herrera scents. like 212, chic and especially aqua.
    i really like design of 212 white. i saw only 2 coments about this scent - one is yours. i want to buy it but it will be "blind" buying - dont have a opportunity to test this scent. i can only buy this at e-bay (i'm from poland). it's about 50 $ - so i'm wonder if it's worth to buy this... as i said i like 212, chic and aqua is the best for me from herrera fragrances . maybe u can tell me sth more about this "white" version... i really appriciate your help
    Hi Col! I read your review on Givenchy Into the blue, and I have to say I felt exactly the same. I totally love the sweet green leaf in the opening. Im just wondering if you could point out any perfume that could give me that kind of smell but a bit stronger, mainly the green leaf and a little sweet that i after. Because Givenchy is not strong enough for me yet last only around 1 hour.
    Hey Col, I have this list of frags if you are interested in any of them:

    Jasper Conran MISTER 30ml edt spray + free 100ml shampoo (unused)
    Givenchy Very Irresistible Summer 100ml edt spray (97% full tester)
    Lacoste Elegance 50ml (70% full)
    Corduroy by Zirh 125ml edt spray (nearly full)
    Salvador by Salvador Dali 50ml aftershave (nearly full)
    Lacoste Booster 30ml edt spray (nearly full)
    D&G Pour Homme 75ml aftershave (nearly full)
    Boss In Motion (Metallic Orange Ball) 50ml edt spray
    Miracle L'Aquatonic 125ml edt spray (75% full)
    Amen Aftershave Tonic 50ml (50% full) + free 100ml shampoo (70% full)
    Aramis Life 50ml edt spray (50% full)
    Very Sexy for Him 2 50ml (had 1 spray)
    Valentino Vendetta aftershave 50ml (unused)
    Hugo by Hugo Boss 100ml edt spray (25% full)
    Lacoste Pour Homme 100ml edt spray (65% full)
    Jazz YSL edt spray 100ml (had 1 spray)
    Jazz YSL aftershave 50ml (70% full)
    Jazz Prestige edt spray 50ml (80% full)
    Clinique Chemistry edt spray 100ml (65% full)
    Fahrenheit aftershave 50ml (40% full)
    Obsession edt spray 125ml (40% full)
    Prada aftershave 100ml (30% full)
    Escada Pour Homme edt spray 40ml (90% full)
    Versace Uomo aftershave 50ml (90% full)
    Donald Trump 100ml edt spray (had 1 spray) + free 100ml after-shave balm
    Tommy Hilfiger Athletics 100ml aftershave (40% full)
    Baldessarini edt spray 75ml (90% full)
    Davidoff Cool Water edt spray 125ml (40% full)
    Kenzo Pour Homme edt spray 30ml (70% full)
    Moschino Uomo edt spray 125ml (40% full)
    Salvatore Ferragamo edt spray 30ml (had 1 spray)
    Iceberg Pour Homme edt spray 100ml (80% full)
    Joop Summer Temptation edt spray 125ml (50% full)
    Joop Beach Clubbing edt spray 125ml (40% full)
    Ted Baker Endurance edt spray 100ml (60% full)
    Horizon aftershave 50ml (95% full)
    Hoggar by Yves Rocher edt spray 75ml (had 1 spray)
    Aramis 900 aftershave (50ml (25% full)
    Tommy Hilfiger Freedom 50ml (60% full)
    Diesel Zero Plus 75ml (95% full)
    Calum Best 100ml (had 1 spray)
    47 Samourai edt spray 75ml (had 1 spray)
    Austin Reed edt spray 100ml (had 1 spray)
    Diesel Plus Plus edt spray 75ml (95% full)
    Colors de benetton edt spray 100ml (had 1 spray)
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