• I sent your "Opium" a few days ago- you should receive it any day now. Sorry for the delay. Let me know when you receive it or if your address has changed. ;)
    J- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You wild woman buyer, you....
    Hope all is well in your corner of Tornado-land.
    Happy Birthday!

    Thank you very much. In the Uk Clinique don't play that game so it's almost impossible to fine. Think Cheapsmells.co.uk have found some and are selling it without a ridiculous price tag. So I'll order when I come back for holiday. Of course it may be available in the Canary Isles so will look whilst I'm there.

    hey J,
    that sounds great- thank you. Anything in my drobe you want to sample?
    I see from your purchases you ended up liking Barbara Bui...the oil version is nice and cozy in cooler weather and I found the two versions comparable in scent.
    Hmm. Interesting. I will have to get a sample. I had gotten the women's version when it came out because my Dad worked at IBM and they gave it away at their Xmas party as a prize. Lucky me! :) I still have the original black glass bottle with the topper.
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