• Thanks! Doing nicely. Still enjoying early retirement, which means mostly sampling and enjoying my collection. I've grown into being the maintenance guy for my wife's continuous vacation, and it's actually not bad. Not much dev, but a lot of admin and help desk!
    Congratu-bloody-lations on the fiercest and most hard assed BMM brackets/races to date, mate !! ~ It's gonna be bloody carnage ! ... This year's is without a doubt the most well-thought-out and vicious "placements", and therefore helluva difficult predictions/races of them all so far. You have totally excelled yourself (yourselves ??). Anyways, congrats to all involved for what will undoubtedly be a superfierce MM showdown !
    ("Predictions" has already proven a killer ! ;o)
    Thanx again !!!
    Hi bluesoul. It is nice to know other desert dwellers are also b'noters. Thanks for introducing yourself.
    Thanks D. Looking forward to the trip!

    Congrat's to both of you two also. It looks as if you've found the right person - good for you. Ray & I celebrate 12 years together, this weekend. When you've got real love, time flies. :)
    Hi Daniel, did you receive my bracket?
    I sent it to the email(msn)adress listed on your website.
    All the best and a big fat cheers!
    I think some of the veteran reviewers should give it a second try. Looking forward to next weeks results sir!
    Thanks Daniel, you're a champ! Its been a good one so far, and the day is still in its infancy! Cheers again mate! :)
    Glad you'll be trying it, Daniel! I think you'll like it. As a lover of Havana, you're not one to shy away from a distinctive scent, and THAT it most certainly is! :D It's one of those scents that is just plain impressive. You'll have to let everybody know what you think.

    Dang. You're making me itch to wear the stuff. Looks like I'll need to line up some special occasion so I can wear it in good conscience! No problem - fall is here, and it's a good one for fall.

    I was going to ask you what's been up, but I may just get back on twitter and catch up. :D
    So far only three of them - Havana, Happy For Men, and Baldessarini Classic. I know it seems a bit slow, but I always want to wear new scents on days when I have to option to get inspired and not distracted by work - typically meaning weekends, vacations, and days when my workload is light. If I want to think deeply or write about something that really moves me, I don't want to do it while I'm debugging code!

    Havana was definitely inspirational. I wore it while on vacation, and was really moved by it. I will always remember where I was - I can picture it now like I was still there. I definitely have more to say about that one, and more time for it.

    Happy For Men.....yeah. What you said. :grin: LOL! A definite "where's the beef?" scent.

    Baldessarini Classic - just classic.

    I'm really looking forward to L'Anarchiste, Palisander, and Jubilation XXV, but those require special days, too. I'll definitely let you know about those. Thanks again! :)
    Hey, I just read your blogs and I must say, congrats on going back to school! No small feat, as you well know. I really enjoyed reading-- I like your writing style. Are you a Lit or English major?
    Hey, haven't seen you post in awhile, everything OK?
    Here's my private email if you want to chat other than on BN:

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