• As a massive Chanel Egoiste fan, I can explain why it's not available for sale in Australia. I worked at Myer for YSL when it was launched, and have a friend who worked for Chanel (in one of their boutiques, not a cosmetics counter)...so I got some information.

    The problem is the name...the Australian company Ego (as in QV Cream at your local pharmacy) took them to court for trademark infringement. Sad but true. Australia was/is not a huge market for Chanel, so it was easier for them to withdraw the product from sale.
    Sorry - I hate "auto correct". My last should have started with "Gidday Blood-orange, I saw your impressions..........".
    God day Blood-orange,
    Ireland your impressions of D&G By for men (in zebra bottle). I've been looking for this for a long time, having kept my empty bottle for many years.
    You said you had found it still on sale locally. I would dearly love to buy a couple of bottles. Is it still available? Can you divulge the store?
    I live in outer east Melbourne. Could you contact me please, at bobdh@tpg.com.au ?
    It seems that I can't PM you because your at the message storage limit.
    Let me know once you can accept PM's again.

    Re the Tsar - I've just pulled it out of storage and I'm getting a bit paranoid about exactly how full it is. I'm starting to think it feels too light for 3/4 full. Do you want me to decant it so we can be sure? I don't want you to be disappointed and I don't have any scales so I can estimate.
    Thanks for your excellent reviews! I'm really enjoying going through and reading your insights on men's fragrances. Cheers!
    Like many have said before, I really enjoy all your insightful and amusing reviews on both men's and women's fragrances. If I see a review of yours, I tend to read it first :)
    Hi blood-orange, I've been enjoying reading your reviews, and when I came to check out your profile I saw you happen to be a fellow Aussie. Good to see, wish there were more of us here! :)

    I've been lurking on this site for over a year now but only recently plucked up the courage to start posting. There's lots to learn and many beautiful fragrances to experience...have just recently dipped a toe into the vast waters of vintage fragrance and would heartily recommend this as a way of training one's nose to enjoy long-lost scents from the past.

    Not sure if you're aware of these but some good vintage sites include quirkyfinds.com, The Posh Peasant & The Perfumed Court. A fellow Basenoter, Xmen, also has an excellent classic, niche & vintage sale thread - his prices are very reasonable.

    Kind regards,
    Hi 'blood-orange' - I'm a fellow fragrance enthusiast from Melbourne. I've been using this site for a few years, but only registered for an account a few minutes ago. Noticed a few of your posts/reviews so thought I'd take the initiative to introduce myself and say hi :) I've included a link to a video of my Creed collection :) I also collect Amouage, Puredistance, Penhaligon's etc :)

    If I´m not mistaken I´ve also read your excellent reviews of men`s fragrances at another famous website where you´re avatar is of a pretty woman in black and white.

    Did I mention that I found your review of Xeryus Rouge totally fascinating, and it is one of my signature scents.

    Regards from Costa Rica ;)
    Many thanks for your wonderful reviews and eclectic discriminating taste. Keep 'em coming. Best regards from Beantown, USA.
    Hey I've enjoyed your recent reviews of a bunch of men's fragrances...lots of my own favorites. It's interesting to hear thoughts from the "other side". We mostly only see reviews going in the other direction.
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