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  • Happy Birthday to the man who introduced me to more good cheapies than anyone else on BN!
    Sent your goodies! Will PM you the tracking number once you clean out your inbox a bit. ;)

    Expected arrival is Saturday. Enjoy!
    I just got a bottle of Jaipur Homme EDP in the mail today - a purchase from a fellow BN member. I've worn both the EDP and EDT before and know what they should smell like. This bottle has a faint but sharp metallic smell in the opening and hardly any of the spicy top notes that I love in JH. I have had a cold lately and thought that maybe it was just my nose (I've had a cold), so I let my wife and daughter smell it and they detected the metallic smell as well. The metallic smell fades away after about 10 minutes and you get the normal sweet powdery drydown. What does Jaipur Homme smell like once it starts to go bad? Have you ever experienced this? Do you think I got an old bottle? Thanks.
    Hey man, thanks for your reply in my thread. I've read the Borneo 1834 review here on BN, and someone mentioned it has an offputting anise note. How does that compare with Lolita Lempicka? (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that had a whole bunch of anise and licorice in it, which I found nausea-inducing)
    Fortunately they have it at perfumedcourt so I'll probably end up ordering a sampler unless there's too much anise.

    On a similar note, have you smelled Geranium por monsieur?
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