• Dear K, Happy Birthday! I wish you many fragrant returns from Caron's old stock! (and of course health, happiness, and fun!). Long time no see, great to see you back on Basenotes!
    I follow your reviews because you write them so eloquently, with wit and passion and erudition. I just read the one on Niki de Saint Phalle. And that quote from Pablo Neruda was the clincher. Bravo!
    I'm sorry you didn't like Silences, I guess I have the new version, not the vintage -- maybe that makes a diff? I actually don't know how old my bottle is.
    oooooo BayKAT- Your review of Nuit de Longchamp is timely. I'm waiting on a vintage bottle I impulsively bought blind on eBay to arrive in the post.
    I hope you have a very Happy New Year!!!

    Hello my scented friend- I'm moving house in a couple of days and may not have internet connection straight away, so have a wonderful Christmas!
    Hi BayKat, What is that green leaf that you are sniffing in your avatar?
    I was reading some of your reviews yesterday. I particularly liked the one on Bandit--excellent story.
    aedes.com is selling Frederic Malle now. I thought you might to know because it would be a lot cheaper to get samples from them.
    Perfumed hugs, Nora
    Hi BayKat. You look very pretty in your profile picture. I always enjoy reading your reviews. Your reviews are usually the decision maker on whether I get a sample or not. Samples are getting expensive these days or maybe I'm getting poor.
    Hi BayKAT! Thanks for your nice message and suggestions! I also very much appreciate your reviews. Keep them coming :) Cheers!
    It sounds like you had a total blast! I feel like I really missed a good show - I didn't pick up a ticket to the opening night of the tour when I had the chance. I was in Vegas during that time. Oh well, I have a feeling his royal higness is going to be around a while. Good for him.
    You made me LOL with the review mentioning Prince Poppycock! You must go on hulu.com and view his antics on AGT this past summer.
    Hello BayKat,

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your insightful reviews of many of the Galimard fragrences. Thanks to you and a few brave others I did a "blind buy" of Galimard's "Aigues Vives," and it has proven to be truly wonderful. Were it not for the consistantly high marks you gave their products, I might never have been willing to give what was to me the unknown company of Galimard a try. Many thanks!
    -- John, a.k.a Sauvage Hound
    Hello, BayKAT-

    Much like Mimi Gardenia, i seem to learn a lot from your posts and can't help but find them succinct and honest-- and a good read.

    I'll keep looking for your opinion, thanks. Friends?
    Hi Sweets- you are very kind ! I just have terribly itchy fingers and change my silly avatars all the time. I love your new picture here on your profile - you look gorgeous ! :)
    I also love birds- always have done and kept many as child. That green parrot is wonderful. Right now, I feed a huge Bluejay who takes food from my hands ( he's got a real personality - some birds just do have that extra 'zing' to their character) and all number of small birds in my backyard .I love sitting outside and watching them eat !
    Just saying "hi." My mailbox is full and I'm too deep into work to clean it out. Hope all is well!
    Hey BayKat / K ! How are you ? :)
    The vintage parfum is something else really. I'll send you a sample ! You must try .

    Hi Kari,
    I got my old bottle of Nuit de Noel EdT. It's fantastic! I've sent you a PM.

    Kari, YES, I did! In fact, I have just come from the post office with a full bag, and being a glutton for punishment as I am I promised myself that I won't open it until I do a certain pile of work that's been on my desk forever. But yes, your package is in my bag and I haven't had such a burning desire to work in quite a while :) More later, Olga.
    Want to thank you for your review of Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie by Creed. Your perceptions are spot on! I am the musk-wood-reisin-amber person that you spoke about and I LOVE JIE! Thank you!
    OMG!!! I looove your review of Black Orchid!
    My favorite review ever - by far!
    But tell me something; was it you or him who
    were in B.O.?! ;)
    Still waiting...

    It's coming from America, so it could take another while to arrive. I'm getting impatient... :)
    Hi Kari!

    Thanks for befriending me :)

    You'll be the first to know when I get my Nuit de Noel....

    Hi Again,

    I wrote a message to you on my page. Sorry. Please go there and read it.
    Hi Again,

    I wrote a message to you on my page. Sorry. Please go there and read it.

    Have you ever tried Une Rose by Frederick Malle? I just got a sample in the mail today and it's wonderful and EXPENSIVE!!!
    130 Euros. Sigh--Why is it that everything that's really beautiful is expensive?!
    Hi again,

    what did your friend bring back from Paris for you??
    Just curious!
    Beautiful review of En Passant! I loved the reference to the Spring fluffy clouds. Your writing is wonderful!
    BTW, earlier today I tried to order samples from their website, including En Passant, but I'm not sure if I did it right since I haven't gotten order confirmation.
    I so enjoy reading your reviews, even for fragrances I have no intent of purchasing. Or should I say had no intention of purchasing. I just wanted to know what a pleasure your writing gives. Best wishes!
    Oh, I read your review of Chypre Fatal by Guerlain - and agree with you!
    Also brilliant: Your review of Rose Poivrée!
    Fragrant hugs,
    Dear BayKAT,
    just read one of your wonderful reviews...-
    thanks! You are always spot-on!
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