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  • Sorry, it just came to my mind that Messe de Minuit is not 50ml EdT but in fact 100ml EdC. I am currently not at home so, I had to do the list from the top of my head. If you want pics of any of my offers, just let me know and I'll take some tomorrow.

    Hola Basteri. Força ESPAÑA :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:


    The 100ml NIB Fierce is on it's way! I had never smelled it myself and spritzed the back of my left hand from a tester this afternoon. Very, very nice~ I will have to obtain some for myself in the near future.

    I sent it USPS First Class with Custom Form #LC462602845US, labeled as "Collectible Game" with a hopefully non-interest catching value = $12.00. I packed iin several small plastic vials with cut-up pieces of paper clips in them to disguixe any liquid sound when the box is shaken. I considered buying full value insurance but it was not available unless I spent a minimum of almost $30.00 in postage (Priority International Mail) and the insurance itself would have been extra!

    I think you are going to LOVE it! Actually, after a 4 hour drydown period it reminds me of Adolpho Dominguez Agua Fresca..

    And I cannot wait to try the Vetiver Hombre.


    Hee! :D That postcard sits behind my desk, and I look at it sometimes when I wish I were elsewhere!!
    I am goin to KL and penang. Thanks for the advise on Pavillion Mall , Creed and L Artisan sounds good to me!
    heya buddy...
    Im in the sarawak region
    so far the only place with niche is at Kuala Lumpur...
    the 'Pavillion' Mall. Located at 'Tangs'

    I think it has some L'Artisan...Annick Goutal... Creed...The Different Company...

    Dont think i will be in KL region during that time tho...
    where abouts in Malaysia will you be exploring? :)
    this so funny./.. i have just recieved an email friom my friend .
    i left the monibe phone in his care hehehehe..... he will answr u :)

    how nice of u man :)

    this is my number 0031 6 28503654

    man, i have worked 10 horse today.
    ]the sculpture is perfect and the museum .... i mean it is built now there,
    all my drowing are hanged.

    i am done and happy..... just tomorow final check.,
    I only have a 1.5 ml sample of Tauer lonestar, it was sent to me when I swaped New York
    hhhhhhmmmm damn! than i will send new one!
    well....... just lem me know if u dont grow into Tauer...... then i just buy that one form u
    Most of my friend are "former" police or army forces, I know it all
    It will be a pleasure to have a a beer with you
    Sorry to hear about the safety problem in Durban. I haven't been to kwaZulu/Natal for about 15 years. I know Namibia quite well, having spent time there in the army before independence. It's a captivating country. Remember to let me know when you're in Cape Town so that we can go for a cerveza or such. And I'll give Yatagan another try soon!
    I was in Durban for 4 weeks , from 4 December to 4 of January, very hot...
    It is like being in India and not very safe .
    I am going to Namibia in two months , if I have time maybe I visit Cape Town
    Un saludo desde La Coruña . Llevas mucho tiempo por aqui? Consigues Montale por tu tierra?
    I know tagalog very well, I used to have a roomate in college from the Philipines. Very nice guy.
    I will try also Himalaya, I just ordered Bois du Portugal should be here over the weekend.
    I cant wait!
    My first language is called "Tagalog" it's the Philipino language. Oh by the way, also try Himalaya from Creed. My first buy from the house!
    Oye, no te preocupes sobre los tontos en el forum. Si te gusta un parfum con intenso...que bueno para ti. Green Irish Tweed esta uno de mis favoritos tambien! No permites a nadie a cambiar tu mente sobre los parfumes que te gustan. I hope you understoon my spanish, it's my third language, so I'm not too fluent in it, heh! Keep on enjoying GIT, it's a classic and is very enjoyable!!!
    Hi there.
    English is my second language as well and I struggle to express myself. Your English is perfect!
    Cacharel por Homme, in my opinion ,belongs in the podium with the all time classics. Where are you from?
    Thank you, Basteri. To be honest, I am very glad to hear that. Namely, I feel very insecure when I write my reviews because my English is pretty…hmmmm… problematic. I am self-taught, you know. Sometimes I have some interesting things to write but I just do not know how to formulate that on the right way.
    It seems to me that Cacharel pour Homme is a cosset of the scent’s admirers and connoisseurs and that “the ordinary people” stay indifferent to it.
    All the best!
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