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  • Hey Aquil,
    I think your inbox is full. I'm just checking to see if you got your package and if you sent mine. Thanks.

    Your box is full, so please let me know you got this

    Also, I trust you are sending it USPS and not a courier, cause those guys kills us up here especially UPS...


    Aquil, Let me look over you selections and I will get back to you. I only have a 50ML bottle, so I may choose not to do the swap, but I want to review your list before I say yes or no.

    I have recently found an interest in niche frags. My most recent purchase was Bond no9 Silver Factory, which I am in loved with. I have seemed to have grown from " good smelling " to UNIQUE. I was looking on Lucky and want to order some samples. Any suggestions ? My favorite frags are Silver Factory, Lolita Limpeka, Helmut Lang, Yohgi, Dior Homme, o Malone's Pomergranite Noir and Black Vetiver Cafe, and Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver and Black Orchard to name a few. Thank you !
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