• hello Bro. Its been a Long time.
    I just Bought Lacoste Style in Play. Well it Lasts super long and is a very sparkling happy and positive fragrance. Youve trued it too. Any similar pleasing scents? hey bro whats your take on lacoste essential ?
    Hello Dear Andrew
    I Recently Got a 75 ml bottle of this fopr less than 10 dollars and am smelling it on me while writing. This is a good fragrance considering the price. It is Super Fresh but less of citrus. I can detect More of cool frozen Cucumber and the cocoa leaf. Some aquatic nature is also added as i can definately detect some notes very prominent in BVLgari aqua. If you Love BVLgari Aqva and Polo Blue then you would definately like this. The and Longevity is slightly above average (say at 5 - 6 hrs). Sillage is mediocre as after some time it just gets very close to the skin. But for the while that it lasts It is very energising and fresh specialy suited to the harsh Indian summers. At the price that it comes you can always re apply it to keep cool and fresh.
    The Best part is that it doesnt smell cheap at all smells as good as some expensive stuff. Great Buy.
    Hey Andrew
    I just did a blind buy.
    I ordered Nickel Eau Maximum 2.5 oz for 10 bucks. (cheap)
    How is the Juice.
    I Guess youve tried it.
    Trying to figure out how to review your wardrobe... I am new to this site and saw your reviews on some cologne's that I own. Take Care!

    Dear Andrew
    Sorry To bother you.
    I am again looking for a zesty citrusy summer frag for the 48deg Indian summers.
    It should have monster sillage and great Longevity.
    I am planning to buy

    Polo Blue
    Leau Dissey
    Solo Loewe Agua

    are they fine?
    what's up dude! Sorry for the long silence, been busy getting it on with the new year. So Grey Flannel got you hooked. I love GF but the 'florals' are not quite florals...it is the violet leaf that you are smelling.

    The new and popular florals for men are Kenzo Power (the cologne version is better that the eau de toilette), Guerlain Homme (some don't consider it a floral but it is), and something totally wild: Jean Paul Gaultier's Fluer du Male, which I highly recommend for you to try. The "La Cologne" version of it is better as well.

    Have fun!
    hi andrew... i´m tryin to walk through florals now! hahaha. But i don´t have a advanced nose for it. just like florals... i´ll exercise. Have any suggestions, more easy to find in sites like fragrancenet.com? i heard people talkin about many, but do you have some suggestions? By the way i fall interested after gettin all flowers in grey flannel i bought. just love to wear it in hot days to get all the florals i dont get when i use it in cold days... now i want more and more flowes... thanks!
    hhahaha. cool! ´ll try to find it here. i discovered anteus here... didn´t knew it!! and love it much. i´ll buy it tomorrow... but still dont like the "summer scents" . i almost always dare the sun and wear winter scents with moderation. Thank´s for the sugestions. let´s keep contact, i apreciate your reviews, think it s similar to my taste...
    Hello Andrew
    I am in love with citrusy, zesty, lively , sparkling fragrances. I love Ferrari Light Essence because of its lasting citrus and watermelon note. The main problem with citrusy scents is that they dont last. What abt Polo Blue? Pls do tell me abt chrome also are these two frags long lasting?
    I enjoy your reviews, very to the point, and no nonsense. good stuff dude! I always look to see if you've had anything to say about a fragrance im interested in.
    Hello andrew. I´ve add you cause i like your reviews. Now, i´m here to ask you for helping me. I´ts hot here in Brazil and i need a everyday scent for the summer is coming (its still spring here!). The first problem: few trademarks are available here. Second: i don´t like citrus scents! Like i´ve said before to others i love visit, m7, santos, etc. So do you have any sugestion? It exists a dayly scent that is woody without a proeminent citrusy note? thanks, see ya!
    hey ever smelled archaic? thats sold at buckle and its really good

    or ever smelled anything at pacsun? geparlys scents?? i know ur a cologne guy and u might want 2 check out geparlys they are long lasting, 3.4 ounce bottles for 10 that smell GREAT and its a european company
    Hi Andrew! Love your reviews and wardrobe, you've made some great comparisons on your colognes, I'm guessing your nose is well-trained by now :). Oh and I was wondering if you could post an album of your collection? Thanks
    Hello andrew! i added you just because our afinity with azzaro visit. I think it´s a amazing scent. But now i have i big problem... I cant find a damp smooth scent.... all i see is vanilla woodsy (like M7) or citrusy woods that are too much citrusy than woodsy... That´s making me mad! Thanks!
    Just like you I started my collection with as many inexpensive frags I could get my hands on. After about 120 bottles, I discovered that most fragrances are just copies of each other, and the more I sampled the more I understaood what a quality fragrance is. CK One summer 07 is not bad, but its not great either. However, it will be a good 'gateway' frags to citrus aquatics. My strategy is to buy at least one frag from each fragrance company, this guarantees maximum exposure to as many frag styles as possible. Try the following inexpensive but good 'gateway' frags:
    Jaguar Performance
    Moschino Friends
    Grey Flannel
    Aramis Life
    Hey Andrew! I just recently started up my cologne collection. I really appreciate your reviews and have found them very helpful and I think we have pretty similar tastes. So I am in need of your opinion. Currently my favorites are Sunset Heat, Slate, PH Just Me, and Reaction. I'm really into fresh, light scents that smell really good. I am wondering what you think about CK summer 2007 and Halston Unbound. I can get them both for pretty cheap. Also if there are any others that you can suggest. Thanks.
    thank u so much
    I love both of those notes ......... I'll look for those fragrances
    I honestly appriciate your help
    Stalker, I know what you mean, Givenchy ph doesn't last much on my body either. I fix the problem by applying a lot (about 10 to 12 sprays). Even if you can no longer smell it on your body, trust that others can. I find that Gph changes depending on the weather also.
    But...if you want to try something else, it depends on what aspect of Gph you are attracted to. For me, it is the woodiness, almost smells like cedar shoe trees. if that is waht you like then definately try Paul Smith london in the dark brown round pointy bottle. It is a very woody frag, unrelenting, and it lasts forever. If you like the other aspect of Gph, the fresh almot aquatic frag, the go with the Blue Label version of Givenchy ph...same bottle, but blue instead of red plastic. Good luck...let me know what you do.
    Hi Andrew ............. I'm looking for your help
    I love Givenchy Pour Homme so much but it doesn't last well on my skin niether the sillage is strong enough
    Any recommendation of some fragrances that smell the same like Givenchy Pour Homme with much better longivity and sillage? ..... Thank you
    Tanto, wow, thanks so much for such encouraging words. I do agree with you about some reviewers...'spoiled' is a good way of describing such indeed, not everyone can afford or have the desire to spend so much on the niche fragrances. I haven't done much reviewing lately, though I have tested quite a lot of juices recently. Let me know if there is/are any specific ones you want my opinion on, I will certainly oblige. Thanks again. Cheers.
    You wrote such a nice review for Jaguar Perormance. I too, like the fragrance. Some of these people are so critical about the fragrances and write such horrible reviews about them. They seem like such "spoiled" people. Sir, I always look for your reviews before I buy anything. You're always "on track". Thanks for being so honest an non-exaggerated, too. Best regards.....Tanto
    Ultrared is a berry icy frag...almost feminine, very close to Black XS.
    B Men is also a gourmand but a chocolate, vanilla and coffee...so I it depends on your taste. I like the both, but I am partial to B Men. If you like Ultrared, I would say try Black XS first, I think you will like it better.
    Can you compare Paco Rabanne - Ultrared with Thierry Mulger - B*Men ? I'm waiting your answer.
    Hi Andrew,

    just for the sake of correctness: in your review of La Cologne Fleur du Male you wrote that "thumb up", but the sign is actually a neutral. Would you kindly correct it :) Thank you in advance.

    Excuse me for my english, i'm italian student!
    I like your photo with parfums, do you send me it?
    Can you say (not send!!!) me any fragrance like Cool Water or Creed GIT?

    Creed GIT is a eau the parfum? Is there eau the toilette too? Eau the parfum is too expensive!!!

    Hello! Can you send me your photo with parfumes? My email is: andreadoria@email.it
    Can you say me any fragrance like Cool Water or Creed GIT?
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