• The locals news suggested it was possibly electrical related specifically power lines.

    I was a safe distance away from the fires however the smoke spread out to much of Northern California including my area. The air quality was really bad for a few days. The fire still isn't fully contained but it's getting there.

    You had Hurricane Ophelia in your area do deal with right? I think it was more concentrated over Ireland than the rest of the UK.
    Yes we do infact! We do love our greens, huge fan for salads btw.

    Along with avocados, we got the cheese and wine. We'll probably see a shortage of wines because the fires though.

    and yes we can't forget about the bacon. I'm trying really hard to stay away from this stuff as it's not good for the human body. lol Both bacon and pancakes are perfect for food eat competitions, plenty of these videos on youtube.

    What's your favorite style pancake?
    lol I can't say I'm a huge fan of our Americanized version of the pancake, sometimes our pancakes can be enormous and filling! It's so easy to fall into a food coma if one's not careful. ;) I've had not so good experiences with the Dutch Baby.:grin:

    Have you tried our version of the pancake?
    I'm trying really hard to imagine what a pancake from the UK would taste... the imagination isn't working. I guess one would have to consume UK style pancakes to have a chance at appreciating Sunshine and Pancakes. So much for my blind review...:sad:
    I saw your name on the list of the birthday kids today. No problem i will wish you again happy birthday next month :)
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