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  • Hi Amit
    I'm Dheeraj Arora, from Delhi. Presently staying in Hyderabad. I've only recently discovered my love for fragrances. I came across a post by you in which you had mentioned you had had no problems getting perfumes shipped from sellers outside India. My question is, as there are not many places in India to buy from at competitive prices, which are the best sources/sellers from where I can purchase perfumes online and get them shipped to India without any problems? Also, is there any way to evade custom duties etc by, for example. asking the seller to mark the product as a "gift"? Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
    I was wondering if you knew any perfume makers who would like to use my as a website? I was going to help out a local perfume maker. I know the domain is a great name for perfume. best to email me at
    Thank you.
    Brad Morehouse
    Hey Amit, what happened to you? I havent seen you post for a while and remember you as quite active and inspiring to me when I first signed up here.
    Is it because of the fight you had with that stupid woman over your avatar?
    I hope everything is alright,
    all the best,
    Dear Amit,

    I'd just wanted to say/express my appreciation for the help, contributions, educations you have graciously offered to the community, and especially your patience with me whenever I needed it. I am really really glad to have got to known you in my rather short time here. Do feel free to PM me, if I could ever be of any help to you. Blessed day, Amit, my friend.
    Hey Amit ,
    how are you ?

    I am planning to buy a couples of good perfumes from net ( )
    Body Kouros , Chrome, cool water, magnetism ,lagerfield , beene , Niches ...and some others

    In case you have any items from the above on sale preferably samples/testers/1.7oz/1oz .. do let me know, though i am on a tight budget .

    BTW , i am located in Chandigarh

    Why thank you :D I'd like to think so too. Instead of the snowball effect it's been like an avalanche. I wanted a summer cologne and then I remembered that I loved fragrances when I was younger and finally grew out of Axe. 3 bottles since June, 3 upcoming, about 20 samples (some free), and I'd say 40 tests later I'm here :D
    Hi Amit ,

    I see you post about Perfume Generale and Royal Scents,
    Please can you show me You favorite and 5 stars perfumes ?

    I like
    Agarwood Indi , Cambodi

    About perfumes

    LAir Desert Marocain
    Eau d Hermes
    Poivre Samarcande , Hermes
    Domenico Caraceni 1913
    Dzing ! from Lartisan
    Frapin 1270

    Thanks !
    Really appreciate your respones and help. This will be a work in progress for the next month or so. It all about finding a good frag, no matter the brand or "category". The samples are gonna come.

    Oh, and I'll have to pass on your sales thread, although who knows about the Fendi. Since its discontinued, maybe hang on to it and then in 5 years time it will be an "it" frag on BNs. Or maybe it will be worth some cash on eBay ? Vintage Discontinued Life Essence :)
    Hi Amit how u doing dude? long time seen u, also changed ur id name I searched for Java Green and it didnt show any results, was wondering where hav u been
    Hi Sire, please tell me how you get a graphic in a post? I've been trying to copy and paste, but without success. Thanks a lot, Jimmie
    The November one should be up by now, so I'm not sure about that. The one from three weeks ago won't have been approved yet (about a six week backlog at the moment)

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