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  • :birthdays:Happy Birthday!:beer:perfect excuse to buy yourself a smelly little gift!Hope you have a great day!Also,I LOVE Dior Homme,so glad you sent it!I'll fill you in on my other sampling soon.
    Thank you. We could all learn something from him. I think he would be horrified at the state of the world right now. Peace.
    Hi!Glad to hear you're back safe.I'm sorry the samples box was damaged on it's way to you-sounds like it was all intact,though.I was already quite annoyed when I left the post office that day-I had called to make sure they had address labels and of course when I got there I found I had been misinformed.Not only that,they didn't even have any "fragile" stickers!Needless to say,I was worried that the box may not even find it's way to you.I can't wait to hear your opinions and also how the groom liked his new fragrance!Have a good week and lots of fun sampling!
    Greetings from the Great White North Al. Its nice to talk to you.No grass for California eh? Sigh. Im also writing to get an opinion from you. Would you be able to recommend a really boozy frag to me.
    I mean almost "slutty" if you will. Would to hear about you too of course. Talk soon Rex
    oooh, my first wall posts! Thanks again for keeping me posted on your testing experience. Definitely increasing the anticipation factor!
    Shoot!Sorry,these profile pages are all messed up today-I meant for that last message to be a PM,but it went right to your page instead!
    Hi Tim!I've just sent you a friend request-thought it would be fun to compare our opinions once the samples are in your hands.A very feminine fragrance that you should try once is Victorian Posy.I think a man could wear it but most would probably find the top and heart notes too floral.However,this one is an excellent lesson in the chypre genre and the drydown is worth the wait!I think I have discovered a future purchase!Testing Bluebell right now-not for me but it is beautiful.The quality of Penhaligon's scents is as good as I have ever experienced.
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