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  • Hi Aiona!
    Try these ones:
    I got a thing on my mind;
    What have you done for me late;
    Give me a chance;
    Pick it up, lay it in the cut;
    Casela walk (instrumental);
    How do I let a good man dow?;
    Natural born lover (excellent);
    How long do I have to wait for you? (excellent);
    You thing is a drag;
    Nobody's baby;
    Tell me;
    I learned the hard way;
    She ain't a child no more;
    Without a heart;
    Mama don't like my man.
    Thank you for the birthday note! I was wearing your sample of Black Jeans today, which I ADORE. Excellent. I am wearing it again tomorrow. What better birthday present...discovering a new, outstanding scent!
    I love seeing the pics of your boy! I now completely understand why we didn't see much of you on the boards in the months after he was born. I truly had no real idea how time consuming babies are! I'm guessing this eventually improves? <fingers crossed> :) I've never been so tired for such a long time in my life, but I do feel incredibly blessed.
    whenever I'm in Lubbock I usually never hit the mall, but I went into Dillards and it
    has and amazing Guerlain counter with some fragrances
    I can never find in West Texas
    Thanks, Aiona! Well, I'll get to it sooner or later. Gives me an excuse to get to Barney's! ;)
    Say - have you smelled CDG 2 Man yet? I think you said it might be like Vetiver 46. Wondering if you are interested in 2 Man. I'm a real evangelist for that one! :D
    Hi Aiona! I just got you parcel today! (I couldn't believe the system here, they never deliver it directly. Just slip the notice in the P.O box. And today I got the 2nd reminder!)
    Anyway, receiving the sample already made me happy enough not to point that out to the guys at the post office. Thank you very much and I will let you know what I think of them.XXX

    Oh, and BIG congratulation on your wonderful news. :)
    Congratulations and best wishes on your pregnancy! I'm curious though, why would he/she require platinum? Does your baby like to bling already? :p
    I saw you PM lightgreen about a BNers meet up in Texas, please PLEASE let me know where! I'd love to go a-sniffing with fellow fragrance lovers! :)
    Hey girl, you have me in big trouble now! I am a firm lover of all things Neil Morris thanks to you-lol. I adored those samples! Thanks again :)
    Yes - that's a great description. I think it's a bit weird because the dimensions are finite and non-linear, and probably on a different scale in every dimension. And then throw in the fact that some people don't have all the dimensions, or they're scaled differently from other people, and it gets pretty complicated.

    On the one hand, I look forward to understanding olfaction a lot better. But on the other, I worry that too much of the mystery will be removed. But I'm hopeful that better understanding may actually lead to better perception - which would be cool! :)
    Dear Aiona,
    I am finishing preparing your samples and I write to you for making sure the last things.
    I shall send you more than a few 2 ml vials, you will receive also spray bottles in order to be able to try the scents of the soul with full effect. These are 8 shipping that I have to do and there will be several hundreds of perfumes to prepare. this is because I want that everyone of you gets more in perfumes than the cost of his 7 shipping. In fact I shall send several hundred dollars worth of perfumes, by the perfume court prices or by my own sampling page. This is without counting the cost of my 8 shipping.
    For this reason I would ask you to make a last round check with he 7 others, particularly with those living overseas, in order to ascertain that they have checked the cost of 7 shipping with the post office, that they are aware of it and that they agree.
    I am waiting for your confirmation and I shall send the first parcel to you.
    Ah! I also liked that avatar, it came with a very funny email. Do not worry, it may come back some day :D
    You know, you are one of the most intriguing basenoters. When I started to see your posts, I did not know whether you are a woman or man. Eventually I stopped trying to figure out the mystery and I just enjoyed the laughs and enlightenment I get out of your comments :D
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