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  • Yo, man...just wanted to say - you got a tight wardrobe. I like have you have fewer, but excellent bottles in your collection. Trying to do the same with mine!
    Hey Alvin,

    Sorry for not leaving you feedback sooner, my internet was broken. I'll get that feedback to ya now! :)

    Nope, I just sold my bottle. It's great stuff - I'd compare to Ivory soap as a fragrance. It has excellent longevity too. Luckyscent used to carry it but it's not on their website anymore. If you're searching for a bottle you should give Luckyscent a call and see if they have any left.

    Do you have anymore bottles of puro lino?

    Also, what was your impression of it?

    Did you like it?

    How would you describe it?
    Saw you sent me a message, but it bounced because my mailbox was full. Can you resend?
    thanks for your generous offer..I have this fragrance and do not wear that you have any other TFPB
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