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  • I'm waving "Hello" to Gerry (assuming she makes it here!) :vrolijk_26: I enjoyed our chat about fragrances today.

    I've made up all your samples and packed them up -- will mail them tomorrow. They have to be sent by ground, so please be patient.
    Thank you! Yes, I had a grownup birthday with the Boyfriend (so happy for the turn my life has taken - funny to be happy about what is bad but it got us here, and really everything has gotten so much better. We are moving glacially slowly since so many kids involved, and it is growing nicely) and then came home and the oldest daughter had made an angel food cake, because there was no butter in the house and she wanted to make me a birthday cake. Also Daughter #2 sent me bread she made in the college dorm, no small feat because the oven turns off every 15-20 minutes so to make bread or cake the student has to stand there and swipe their card over and over to keep it on. She has been making cheese and yogurt too, and put the whey from the yogurt in the bread, yum. Good gifts. The little kids had grown me a loofah :)

    So homemade gifts and grownup time. Really lovely.
    Thank you so much sweety for the birthday message. I have not been around here in soooo long. But I keep you all, and our lovely conversations, in my mind and heart. Hope all is well with you and the family.
    Thank you! My, time does fly by, doesn't it! I hope you and yours are well. xo
    in Polish university system we've got a numerical grading system. Grades vary from 2 to 5. If you get "2" you fail. "3" is the lowest passing score at exams, "4" is like "good" and "5" is "very good"
    Lots of hugs L - hang in there- whatever is going on ! Thinking of you . Must speak again soon !


    Happy 8000 posts 30 Roses- that's 8000 posts worth of kindness and commitment to us lot here on Basenotes ,dear L .

    Lots of love always

    I feel your pain, I tried to edit mine too. I would've loved for that to work, but just to get the others fixed was nice enough. Baby steps.
    Oh, well. Knowing Basenotes someday we'll have the feature back! :)
    Hello there, 30 Roses. This is rather out-of-the-blue, I know, but I wanted to thank you for that link in your wardrobe to edit the notes in mine. I had been killing myself looking for a way to edit those notes, as they were severely out-of-date, and I thought I had been missing it for ages. Then I happened across your wardrobe and that link, and all of a sudden it's perfectly fixed!
    Thank you very much for that.
    I'm getting lots of anise and some rose in this one! I don't have a favorite--well, maybe Iris poudre. I really love Infusion d'Iris for a fresh iris, Iris ganache for strange and wonderful, Shalimar parfum initial for a sort of elegant, dry iris blend, and a new love : Bois d'argent (which some do not find irisy, but I do). Oh, 28 La Pausa is great, too.....I could go on!
    (( Hugs )) L - you are a sweetie. Please hug your Mom and little one for me. ( I always call the kids 'little ones' even though they are probably not that little anymore !
    Hi dear.

    I just say the PM. I somehow overlooked it.
    Thanks so much. Wifey and I will indulge in it.
    You are the bestest best and we really appreciate the time you took to compile it.

    * hugs *
    Loretta, sending you (((hugs))) today, thinking of you with fondness. xo
    Your mother saved your letters. How wonderful. So there is your framework. Never say never......
    I loved you little story about your time in Africa yesterday. I have gone back to read it again. Please tell us more when you can?
    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dearest L / 30 Roses !!!!!!!
    Happy birthday to you !

    Lots of love

    Well, good! I'm so glad I didn't miss it! I'll be 54 this year. The years really do pass by more quickly now don't they? :)
    Happy (belated) Birthday, 30 Roses! :kiss: :birthdays: I'm sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day. :)
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