Indie Brand Perfume Spotlight: Puente

Each week in Indie Perfume Brand Spotlight, we question different brands to find out more about their brand and the people behind it. This time we question Eliam Puente from Puente.

About You

Tell us who you are?

My name is Eliam Puente. I’m a Cuban born American now living and working in Spain.

How did you get into the perfume industry?

It was by accident. I bought myself a few essential oils to make a personal aftershave and completely fell in love with scent and perfumery.

What was the first perfume you ever purchased?

Calvin Klein Obsession

What is your favourite meal?

Fried rice with seafood

Where is your favourite place?

The northern coast of Spain

Do you have an interesting party trick or any hidden talents?

I’m an artist and draw with graphite and charcoal

Who would play you in a film of your life?

Oscar Isaac

About your Brand

Describe your brand in one sentence.

PUENTE is a luxury perfume brand with an emphasis in rich natural essences.

Where does the name of your brand come from?

It’s my last name.

Who are your perfumes for?

Anyone who loves rich naturals and opulent perfumes and seek perfumes made with exquisite ingredients.

Tell us about your latest perfume.

I had a duo release. Vespertine reflects my obsession with tuberose and I wanted to create a huge, voluptuous tuberose showcasing the beauty and carnal aspects of the blossom. Iris Doux is a more intimate perfume displaying the beauty and elegance of one of my favorite ingredients, the Orris Root.

If someone wanted to try your fragrances, which one would you recommend they try first and why?

I would say Medusa. It’s a rich perfume that displays both floral and earth notes well with an overdose of natural civet tincture.

What challenges do you want to overcome for your brand?

As a new brand, the biggest challenge is finding your market. As for the perfumes themselves, I’m constantly challenging myself to make the best perfumes I can make.

What is unique about your brand?

My love of rich, luxurious naturals. I use a lot of naturals in hefty doses and I’m not afraid of overdosing.

You can find out more about Puente at the website here.

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