Indie Brand Perfume Spotlight: Peosym

In Indie Perfume Brand Spotlight, we question different brands to find out more about their brand and the people behind it. This time we question Purvi Joshi from Peosym.

About You

Tell us who you are?

My name is Purvi Joshi. I am an apparel designer by qualification and product photographer by profession.

How did you get into the perfume industry?

It was an unplanned organic journey, partially triggered by my mother’s passing and the need to rediscover myself. Knowing that my mother had lived her life with no regrets was the biggest solace for my family but it also made me wonder what is it that I really want to do with my own life.

I was always drawn to scents, fascinated by them and discovering the world of niche fragrances felt like arriving some place I had been searching forever. The idea of creating my own brand wasn’t born over-night though. After noticing a sudden rise in Australian perfume brands, I wanted to understand how these scents were created. What started as a re-search project out of curiosity, quickly turned into a personal passion. The more I learnt about fragrances, the more I felt connected to them. So much so that it started to feel like the right medium for expressing my abstract thoughts.

Just a personal urge to do something wasn’t enough though. A sense of contribution to the industry was also necessary. Perfume industry being as vast as it is, this was a hard aspect to justify. It was obvious that the percentage of perfume brands owned by POC is much less and by people of Asian background even lesser. When this realisation sunk in, I thought maybe my perspective from growing up in a small town of India could be that unique inspiration to bring to the table. Having a good idea vs being able to execute it are two very different things though and the only way I could find out was by trying… and that became the beginning of Peosym.

What was the first perfume you ever purchased?

It was a gift for my mother from my own salary – Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder.

What is your favourite meal?

Pani-puri. Not exactly a meal and more of junk food but I can totally skip dinner for plates of it.

She is the queen of Indian street food. Crispy poories, lightly filled with potato and chickpeas stuffing, drenched in minty spicy water – there is no other dish like that. It is slightly tricky to eat but so much fun and absolutely addictive.

Where is your favourite place?


Do you have an interesting party trick or any hidden talents?

I am pretty good at solving puzzles.

Who would play you in a film of your life?

Vidya Balan (I hope)

About your Brand

Describe your brand in one sentence.

Tales and philosophy presented in connection seeking scent molecules.

Where does the name of your brand come from?

It is an acronym for Personal Expression Of Stories, Yearning & Memories.

Who are your perfumes for?

Anyone who cares to explore, seeking something better than mass produced pleasantries.

Tell us about your latest perfume.

Nirmohee means the detached one.

Stepping back from daily chaos to gain a fresh perspective, taking some time off for rejuvenation. A long vacation, trip to a spa, weekend getaway, meditation, stroll by the beach or simply sitting somewhere quite – it is meant to feel like a gentle breeze and inner peace.

If someone wanted to try your fragrances, which one would you recommend they try first and why?

Lost Wonderer. Different people seem to smell different things in this one, depending on what their idea of comfort is – which is always such an amazing thing to discover.

What challenges do you want to overcome for your brand?

Current goal – becoming big enough where we can switch to more eco-friendly packaging.

What is unique about your brand?

At this stage, Peosym is more like a passion project of sincere efforts towards creating meaningful products that are good on their own merit.

We want to stay away from commercial marketing tactics, buzz words and glossy packaging. A product should always be cruelty free, as eco-friendly as one can afford to make it, created with good intentions & without any harmful chemicals – all those things should be a norm and not unique selling points. Currently our boxes do have words written on them – ‘Clean & cruelty free’ but when the existing lot runs out, we won’t be doing that again. While the information regarding our ethos and product quality will be available on our website, it can not be the highlight we focus on. So, if we have to claim a unique point, it would be the desire to do less. Less of all the fluff and unnecessary stuff.

You can find out more about Peosym at the website here.

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