Forum Code of Conduct

Your Conduct
  1. No Personal Attacks
    We realise that situations can sometimes get heated. Remember that while it is perfectly acceptable to criticise the content of a post - criticising the poster is not.
  2. The Basenotes Community is not a venue for personal or private vendettas
    Keep your personal business as just that – personal. This forum is not a venue for the resolution of personal disputes with members or companies. Basenotes and its moderators will not get involved in disputes between members that take place via email or Private Message. All members have the ability to make their email address private (recommended) and the ability to ignore Posts and Private Messages from certain members and it is their responsibility to do so.
  3. Do not defame, abuse or threaten others.
    As well as other Community Users, this includes businesses, traders, sellers and people outside of the Community. You may not post or publish anything that is deemed to be bigoted, hateful or racially offensive. This includes posts that are designed to promote such behaviour. See Trolling: 1.4.
  4. No Trolling
    Posts that are inflammatory and are posted just to make people annoyed are considered trolling and are not acceptable.
  5. Airing of moderating grievances
    If you feel you or someone else has been moderated unfairly please do not air your grievances on the board. Instead please contact the Site Administrator with full details.
  6. Do not attempt to bypass a moderating decision
    If you are advised to stop a discussion by an administrator or moderator then please do so. Threads will be locked should discussion continue after you have been advised. If you wish to carry on your debate with another member after you have been advised to stop said debate please use private email or the forum's personal message feature. Do not attempt to re-start a locked thread.
  7. No vulgar, obscene or indecent language, information or images.
    While we do not encourage the use of gratuitous nudity and/or language in posts, we are aware of the perfume industry's obsession with sex and nudity and have no objection to the display of perfume advertising which may contain nudity (ie M7, Opium) provided that it is relevant to your post. Be aware that some users may be accessing the site from a public computer or work and we would ask you to provide a warning in your thread title or next to any external links if a thread contains possibly unsuitable content. (If it helps NSFW = Not Suitable For Work)
  8. No spamming, soliciting or advertising
    Your post should contain information that is useful to our visitors. Posts that are deemed spam will be deleted. Information about where to buy cellphones or get pornography are not deemed useful. Posts or Private Messages which are designed purely to solicit or promote a business or website are not permitted without prior agreement. This includes the use of whisper campaigns. We realise that many members may have businesses which may be of interest to our visitors but please remember that people come here to discuss, not to be sold to in threads. If you have a product or service you wish to advertise, contact us, and we will consider mentioning it on the main website. We do allow discreet links in signatures, and you may respond to a thread if your business provides a product or service that provides an answer to a members problem. Do not abuse this privilege - the majority of your posts should be about participating in the community in general. The Community is not a place to solicit products or services from other members.
Your Posts
  1. Please post in English
    We are an English language website, with a majority of English reading members. We are unable to moderate or, more importantly, enjoy posts which are in a language that we cannot understand. Members can of course use the personal message feature to help or discuss in other languages.
  2. Please make sure your post is on topic.
    If you are posting a new thread, please ensure that your thread is relevant to the forum you are posting in. Likewise, if you are replying to a thread - ask yourself is your reply relevant to the original post? If not consider starting a new thread. We may delete or move threads or posts that are off topic. That includes posts of an overtly political or religious nature.
  3. Do not post the same thread in more than one forum (cross-posting).
    Please ensure that you post your thread once in the most relevant forum. Most members browse through all the forums, and do not wish to see the same threads in each one. It is more useful when all the replies to the thread topic to be in one place. That way it is easier for searchers to find all the replies and thus all the information, rather than hunting for it and replying to it in multiple and scattered places.

    Any duplicate threads may be deleted or merged.

  4. For Sale / Swap posts are not permitted in the Discussion boards
    Posts of this type may only be placed in the Basenotes Marketplace. There are certain restrictions as to who can post on these boards which can be read here.
  5. Your Avatar and signature
    Signatures may contain links, and texts as well as Basenotes Marketplace links as long as the size of the signature adheres to the site rules.

    Avatars and Signatures may be used to discreetly promote your own concern (a blog, business or website for example).

    Long signatures may be cropped

      Avatars and Signatures may not contain the following:
    • Images that contain nudity (or are sexually suggestive)
    • Images that promote drug use
    • Images that promote any illegal activities
    • Excessive animation
    • Excessive advertising
Your Account
  1. You are responsible for your own account
    Please ensure that you keep your log-in details private. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account and are not permitted to allow another individual access to your account whether intentional or otherwise.
  2. You may only have one active account
    Members are permitted to have more than one Basenotes account, provided that the older accounts are no longer in use. Individual members with more than one active account may have both accounts deleted without warning. If you feel you have a valid reason for two accounts please contact us. If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one by clicking this link here.
  3. You may not use your account to impersonate another individual or company
    Do not use your account to impersonate someone you are not, even in jest. This includes signing your post with another individual's name.
Our Implementation
  1. Sometimes members do not follow the code of conduct. This is occasionally because it has not been understood. That's fine! We all make mistakes, so you will receive a friendly message from a member of the mod team to steer you in the right direction if this happens. If you continue to break with the code of conduct following an initial discussion, you may be temporarily or permanently banned. We like to keep things simple and everyone has it in their power to be respectful and mindful. Continued disrespectful behaviour has to be dealt with for the good of the majority. Thank you for taking the time to absorb this information and enjoy Basenotes.