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Ziryab by Majda Bekkali

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Ziryab is a shared scent launched in 2017 by Majda Bekkali

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Reviews of Ziryab by Majda Bekkali

There are 1 reviews of Ziryab by Majda Bekkali.

A perfume to focus the mind – Ziryab is an understated but beautifully realized meditation on all things related to wood. From the lovely, gently sweet, almost sappy qualities of just chopped wood, to the drier, sharper notes of old shavings, to the enduring cool-warm fragrant mystery of wood mould recalling years of growth and bearing witness, and even the smokiness of an agarwood agarbathi. All underlaid with a subtle peppery spice and hints of leather introduced so deftly that they could all be part of the woody tones.
Ziryab is a perfume of undulations, the impressions of its transparent tulip top note superseded by wave upon gradual wave of woody associations. It makes no knock-out statement, but it will grow on you and become a friendly presence you seek out if you give it the time and space it requires.

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