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Davidoff (1986)

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Reviews of Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

There are 106 reviews of Zino Davidoff by Davidoff.

I don’t find this dated at all. It’s mature but not in a musty dusty way. It’s fresh, powdery, and green blended perfectly. As for frags that exist in the classic barbershop/lavender realm, I prefer this to Rive Gauche. Mainly because I get this weird funk from RG for the first hour or so. It makes a nice companion to Lalique Pour Homme, my other favorite classy barbershop cologne. Zino to my nose is smooth as silk. I spray it and just go mmmmm..
Aug 23, 2021

Whenever I looked at reviews about different fragrances, there were times when I came across the term "grandfather's smell". I was wondering what this "old man" is. Does this verbal construction refer to the perfumes from the past decades and mean nothing more than the date of its creation, or does it direct towards what can be expected from the composition? After getting to know Zino thoroughly, I have the answer. Yes, this is the quintessence of "grandpa" - that's exactly what old people smell like.

Zino rejected me, I can't imagine a guy before 70yo "smelling" that way. I will say more, the girl whom I recommended Davidoff to "for evaluation" several times, each time grimaced with a grimace on her face. If, dear reader, you would like to verify my words, buy a decant first or go to a perfumery, then buy a bottle. Never in reverse.

Tested with: Own decant.
Apr 18, 2021

Zino was a fragrance that proved it's worth giving a few wears and some time to fully appreciate a scent before dismissing an initial turn-off. When I first applied, it made me think of a raisin bran type cereal left out until it soaks up all the milk, leaving a sickly-sweet smell that I couldn't fathom actually wanting to smell like. I thought Zino would be the first fragrance I simply wanted to give away. Luckily now, I appreciate the scent as a 'spiced wine'/dry vanillic rose with complexity and I find when I'm in the mood Zino is a unique, classy and amazingly enjoyable scent. Those collecting classics will appreciate Zino and it's uniqueness. Currently inexpensive to the point that a decant is a bad value vs just buying a bottle. If discontinuation ever changes price/availability this would definitely be a try before buy fragrance. Still, this is a unique, interesting, fun, classic fragrance. Thumbs up.
Feb 19, 2021

Opens up with a mulled wine accord to me. I see nothing in the notes, save rose, that it could be. Obvious lavendar. I dont find it overtly patchouli forward. Blended in. That initial sweetness blends in in about 20 minutes, taking its place and balancing the fragrance out. Becomes a bit more floral in the heart, with a touch of smokyness. I get the sandlewood as well. It is a good fragrance with a thick bold charecter. I went 5 sprays today and it was way too much initially. Jammy floral fougere is a basic description. Has a "cologny" feel that seems so present in 80s beasts. This is one of those things that shows money doesnt neccesarily equal quality, as this is pretty awesome, and cheap as chips. Thumbs up.

Vintage Lancaster bottle.
Dec 1, 2019

I own two bottles of zino davidoff , vintage and current.current is slightly off but not by much I feel like some notes has been toned down..I love this well crafted Unique fragrance it's dark and rich in its own way..it's best to wear in cold weather I actually wore last night and went to bed with it on and I still smell it on me I sprayed it on my chest and I can smell it coming from there and the back of hands I have a 4oz bottle of the current stuff and I feel like buying more just n case it does get discontinued..I own the 2 oz vintage bottle and I do feel there's a slight difference I personally dont think it's worth the hunt for the older batches the current stuff is just fine of course the issue is performance.the older stuff is definitely powerful compared to the newer stuff..I wear this a couple of times at work and the girls love it they say they never smelled nothing like it on a man before is very manly they said ..again I'm 40 years old and my co-workers who young bartenders are in thier early 20s and late 20s so I'm guessing they use to smelling other guys thier age having the same ol smell of the FRESHIE TYPE COLOGNES..I definitely recommend if your looking for unique type of fragrance..as for reformulations I believe they might have been like 2 or 3 , I don't think it was much at all, from cursive font labels to printed fonts labels is the only way I can tell from yesterday n todays
Nov 26, 2019

Spicy bergamot with the herbal-floral notes of the sage at the start. It's very pleasant, this smells timeless. Even the floral notes that embody the middle stages (rose, lily of the valley) are all refined and come across as masculine, as they aren't particularly powdery or sweet and are offset with sandalwood and cedar. It's a spicy-herbal fougere that ring with hints of sweetness under the core, the vanilla and tonka are there to brighten the scent. Those notes play skillfully in the backdrop: this never becomes to sweet, or cloying, or synthetic. It is a LITTLE synthetic, which given the very low pricetag I expected, but it's a great, great value for the price. Don't apply it like a madman and you'll be fine. This smells just excellent.

Unfortunately, the projection (after what I'm assuming has been several reformulations-I have a new batch) is below average and the staying power isn't particularly strong either. However, there is nice depth and complexity here and this scent smells sophisticated, refined and unique. It has been some years and I haven't touched Cool Water in awhile, but it's my belief that this is a signature smell from Davidoff and should be in just about every man's collection, no matter what their age.

Apr 11, 2019

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