Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon bark
  • Heart

    • white flowers
  • Base

    • ambergris

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A dry, zesty citrus blend that's carried by bitter grapefruit. Clean and fresh, though rather short-lived. Not one of the better releases in the EDT lineup, I'm afraid.
7th July 2022
Dreamy, creamy floral citrus, any sharp edges rounded to a heavenly citrus/floral balance that lasts for hours. I get admirable longevity, several hours; don’t understand others’ comments regarding short longevity. This was never one of my favorite Creeds, but it’s shot to the top of the list this winter. Perhaps that’s the trick: avoid thinking of ZMP in standard spring/summer terms, instead viewing it as a cozy winter treat. Haven’t tried the rereleased version, but the classic grey cap appears to be still somewhat readily available. A treat and a good investment, even if you intend to just spray with reckless abandon.
9th January 2022

Zesty mandarine orange and grapefruit are front and center in this outing from Creed.

ZMP overall is a citrus-floral scent, the first fragrance to be made by Olivier Creed. I would say it can be worn by men or women, given its universal, laid-back flair.

Creed ZMP doesn't disappoint with the opening volley of citrus fruits, becoming rather quickly blended into the "white flowers" note along with the moderate waxy-sweet presence of the ambergris. A fairly simple, balanced scent, ZMP has decent longevity and graces its wearer with a great citrus experience with no-frills.
18th September 2018
Odd, dry citrus, like
Complimentary insults,
Not soon forgotten.
21st April 2018
Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse is a citrus/floral fragrance. Upon application, I got a bitter/sour citrus opening which is contributed from the bergamot, mandarin, and grapefruit. Shortly after the opening notes start to calm down while floral notes ‘white flowers' begin making its presence in the heart. A small amount of ambergris can be detected at the base which complements the existing florals and now subdued citrus notes. Longevity and silage is not the best for ZMP. ZMP had no more than 2 hours of longevity and poor silage throughout the entirety of the scent. The best time to wear ZMP would be during the warmer months as the heat would help the scent project more. Overall, I didn't like this one at all and probably would never wear this stuff again. There are plenty of citrus fragrances from Creed that I would choose to wear over this.
4th May 2015
So Fresh and So Clean!!!!This scent evokes memories of summer picnics and happiness. I agree the performance is average at best however, I would recommend carrying a decant. This fragrance is calming. It opens up with beautiful mandarin, bergamot, and lemon then dries to a mellow ambergris/mandarin combination. I really enjoy the dry down in this one. It is not loud, overly citrusy or sharp. This is definitely one of my favorites for warm weather. For those looking for a great spring and summer addition, look no further.
25th April 2015
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