Zeste de Gingembre 
Heeley (2020)

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Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley

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Zeste de Gingembre is a shared scent launched in 2020 by Heeley

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Reviews of Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley

There are 5 reviews of Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley.

This opening is the freshest ginger scent I've ever smelled. It is tart, lemony and pure natural ginger as if freshly cut. When at sea and you encounter huge waves chewing on a freshly cut slice of ginger keeps the stomach steady - this reminds me of this and the tonic effects of raw ginger tea with a slice of lemon. Ginger always compliments other ingredients does so here with fresh citrus then pepper and cardamom blended base. The cardamom eventually darkens the freshness of ginger into a well mannered warm spice finish. Fresh and tart at the opening, warm and civil at the base. Well done Heeley!

Not gonna lie...I'm disappointed so far. I blind bought because I love James Heeley's work and have immensely enjoyed virtually everything I've bought from Heeley so far. The note break down on this sounds like it would be perfect to me...ginger...lime...orange zest...yes...yes...yes! I was so hopeful that the base notes wouldn't be the main players in this fragrance as pink pepper and cardamom are not my faves. Well...my bottle arrived and POW!!! This is a cardamom bomb to my nose. There is a slight vagrant breeze of ginger, lime and orange zest in the opening...but the opening lasts for mere minutes while the base notes last for hours which is the opposite of what I was hoping for. I do need to give this many more wears to see if it's progression grows on me, but so far I'm not feeling it. My favorite ginger fragrance to date is Dirty Ginger by Heretic Parfums which is absolutely amazing by the way.

Anyway, if you love cardamom you should at least sample Zeste de Gingembre by Heeley. Neutral rating so far for me.

Have been looking for that real sharp zing of fresh ginger in a perfume and was hoping this would be it. Unfortunately not. There is natural ginger there but it becomes a soapy ginger.

Energetic, bright, watery ginger zest bolstered by tart, juicy citrus noted creates a vividly sparkling, aromatic summer splash. A base of pink pepper and now-subdued ginger give a clean finish that is just barely there–a soft, quiet radiance. This is really a wonderful fragrance, presenting the best that a summer-suited ginger has to offer. Yet I can't help but hope that its performance improves as my bottle gets a little older. As of now it is a short act, over in two hours, but I've heard it lasts 8 to 10. I never trust the first 30 or 40 sprays out of a bottle...it seems like sometimes air needs a chance to get in, for things to really kick in and start working. I'm hoping that's the case here because this is a beauty, a true gem of a ginger fragrance, and one I would like to keep around. What Menthe Fraiche is to mint, similarly, Zeste de Gingembre is to ginger. Thumbs up.

Wonderful summer scent. Ginger as heart is freshly aromatic and gently sugared. Orange Zest and Lime are less astringent than what is popular current. Pink Pepper is amped up nicely to offer a bit of weight. Cardamom? Perhaps to offer a slight spice.
Artful architecture and precise to highlight the notes natural bouquet.

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