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Ermenegildo Zegna (2007)

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Reviews of Zegna Intenso by Ermenegildo Zegna

There are 27 reviews of Zegna Intenso by Ermenegildo Zegna.

This doesn't smell like Code at all. This smells like Playboy Hollywood. If you wanna smell like 5 bucks, then this is for you. One of the worst blind buys I've made. Very much below average fragrance with no performance.
Jan 4, 2019

Average citrus opening slightly effeminate mixed with pepper which then becomes the main note. Pepper , pepper, more pepper, gets up your nose pepper.
Zegna think they can sell this like this and justify it with the moniker 'Intense?' Why not just sell essence of chilli or garlic? The idea is to create a fragrance. Not just reproduce one acrid ingredient.

Fragrance: 1/5
Projection: 4/5
Longevity: 4/5
Dec 12, 2017

Whilst there is quite a bit of citrus freshness in the opening blast, after a first twenty minutes it is overwhelmed by a mixture of white musks with a gradually strengthening vanilla undertone, with the latter being the major contributor to the sweetness of this composition. This sweetness is never to heavy, intrusive or cloying.

With time spicy, slightly peppery undertones are evident, but never harsh or heavy. Towards the second half of the development of this creation, cardamom adds an exotic feeling, but I never get any real incense quality here.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This wintery scent is an interesting attempt to contrast brighter citrus notes with more oriental-deeper tones, and is a concept of some interest. The main problems is that the ingredients are too generic and synthetic; the latter to the extent of boredom at times. 2.75/5 overall.

Intenso - yes.
Bellissimo - no.
Jun 19, 2017

Zegna Intenso smells like the cheap version of a better citrus and musky cologne. Despite me giving Zegna Intenso a Thumbs Down, it's not a bad cologne. The opening is nice enough - a handful of pleasant synthetic sweet flavours - then in the dry-down it is what it always was, a monotone sweet fragrance.

Have you ever mixed several carbonated sugary drinks together? When I did as a child, I would always end up with something that was black-ish, sugary, carbonated and unimpressive. Coke is a rather dominant drink. Zegna Intenso is a lot like that except they chose to overwhelm the mixture with a 2nd-rate sweet orange flavoured drink.

Being sweet or synthetic isn't bad per se. Sometimes I like sweet, and I can no more hate my metal table and chairs for being inorganic than I can hate synthetical scents for being inorganic. What I do hate is the old vinyl flooring in my kitchen which has a wood pattern printed on it - a poor imitation of a natural product. The vinyl isn't fooling anyone into thinking it is expensive wooden flooring because it lacks all the texture and visual fidelity of real wooden floorboards. What I really hate is the laziness of my landlord for ... nevermind. My point is, while the vinyl flooring and Zegna Intenso are functional, they are not beautiful - they are cheap substitutes until you find something better.
Feb 16, 2017

It took me quite a while to make up my mind about Zegna Intenso. I own it and wear it quite happily from times to times, but any time I tried to approach it more thoroughly from a “reviewer” point of view, I always felt something was missing in my, say, perception of it. Like when you enjoy something, but any part and aspect of it seem dull and negligible, and you are unable to get a global, comprehensive idea of it. And yet you reach for it and enjoy it even if you can’t really explain why. Zegna Intenso does precisely that effect to me. At first I was ready to dismiss it as a boring mainstream scent, but each time its discreetly enjoyable presence on skin was telling me it would have been a mistake. Now I think I got why. The main key of this scent is that it smells so nicely and perfectly generic and discreet, it serves more as a sort of ideal silent and distinguished servant than a “statement” accessory. Any time you wear it, it’s ready to do and “tell” you exactly what you want it to, to suit your mood, your style, the situation you’re in. It can smell formal and dark, or lively and “young”; sometimes it feels simple and warm, sometimes elusively exotic, sometimes dusty and vibrant like a club downtown. A perfect Zelig in a bottle (Woody Allen’s Zelig, I mean). And I think this is due to Daniela Andrier’s ability to bring out the best off the concept of “safe and generic” – something soothing and comforting designed to make you want to wear it just for the pure sake of it, and then forget about it. Zegna Intenso brings that to an unexpectedly high level.

Coming to the smell itself, many compare Zegna Intenso to Armani Code but I don’t really see the similarity. I mean, of course that is the family, but there’s quite some differences. And anyway, frankly Zegna Intenso smells way superior than that for me to any extent. Tonka and musky iris notes provide a dusty, sophisticated and crisp Oriental frame (a yuppie concept of “Oriental”, obviously – it’s a designer after all...) which is perfectly harmonized with generic - and yet, perfectly nice - clean woods and some nondescript sort of fresh-tart head accord that gives Zegna Intenso a quite enjoyable sort of mildly aromatic fresh twist – fresh enough to keep it more vivid and sophisticated than many similar, and often kind of heavy or cheap Oriental tonka-centered designer fragrances. Diamondflame’s review is really spot on about this interesting “chiaroscuro” effect due to bright head notes versus the general Oriental spicy-smooth “darkness” of the other notes. This whole harmony makes Zegna Intenso smell way more refined and comforting than it seems. Now imagine all this in the hands of an extremely talented nose with an eagle eye for subtle – and again, positively “generic” - refinement as Daniela Andrier, and here’s Zegna Intenso. A true little piece of smoothness and respectability in a bottle. I know many scents already play this “comfort” role (e.g. many classic clean “eaux de cologne”), but well, each does it its way and so does Zegna Intenso. A bit like Bottega Veneta pour Homme by the same nose, it brings that traditional concept of “smelling nice and quality just for the intimate sake of it” to a more contemporary level. You can find discounted bottles of this everywhere, grab it if you stumble upon one.

Aug 31, 2015

When a fragrance composition is constrained by a budget (which fragrance isn't?) some perfumers choose to streamline the construction while others load up on the cheaper aromachemicals. Very few could do both without having a nasty chemical mess in a bottle. The nose behind Zegna Intenso was one of them, deftly navigating through this minefield to produce a fragrance that is not only on-trend at the time but also actually smells better than it has any right to.

Intenso has been compared to Armani Code, albeit a weaker, less woody and less powdery version. Others dismiss it as a generic watery fruity amber or simply call it a tonka bean fragrance. They aren't wrong, at least not in entirety. What they fail to appreciate is its faithful execution of the chiaroscuro concept, illuminating the darker oriental aspects with the brighter citric elements which permeate right through the heart of this fragrance.

The result is a charmingly breezy semisweet-spicy scent that is punctuated by cool citrusy nuances. Nothing overtly complicated. This is a great example of a designer mass-marketed scent that wears well and draws in compliments without trying to hard to impress. Perfect for those days when you have trouble choosing one from your stable of Amouages, Serge Lutens and O'drius.

Jun 3, 2015

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