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Zaffran by PK Perfumes

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Zaffran is a shared scent launched in 2012 by PK Perfumes

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Reviews of Zaffran by PK Perfumes

There are 3 reviews of Zaffran by PK Perfumes.

Stardate 20190806:
Starts out with very strong Saffron. But soon an egg accord shows up and overtakes the fragrance. The saffron fades with time leaving over cooked eggs.

Thumbs down but giving neutral cause my sample is old and maybe spoiled. Will have to revisit to be sure.

I really like this. The star of the show is leathery saffron, but there's a lot more happening. To my nose, there's a jammy rose/patchouli/berry accord in there adding sweet depth to the safforn, while there's also a sage/cardamom mix that gives hints of Clive Christian's X for Men in the background as well. This belongs in the same basic genre as Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, in the sense that it's leathery but with a lot of complicated sweetness going on underneath, though Zaffran is saffron based instead of being based on quinoline like Tuscan Leather, and wears its sweet complexity closer to the surface.

The whole thing eventually dries down to a complicated, lightly sweet, leathery wood base with hints of oud fecundity.

All told, Zaffran is great. It smells original without being unwearably weird, and also smells MUCH more expensive than it is. I could walk into Barneys right now and smell a whole wall of $250 perfumes that aren't as good as Zaffran, and you can get a small bottle of this for less than $20. Highly recommended!

Very distinct- light amberSweet/floral and unisex..stays close to the skin with excellent sillage..Blood orange-rose and amber are the key notes..Seems more appropriate for warm weather..Very well I must sample the rest!!!Pros: My first PkIiler sample!!Cons: a bit shy"

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