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Reviews of Z by Ermenegildo Zegna

There are 44 reviews of Z by Ermenegildo Zegna.

Can't believe they would continue to make a terrible, terrible cheap, forgetable scent like this, but discontinue essenza di zegna, a dream-come-true/bring it back now scent
Feb 16, 2016

Yes, this juice epitomizes the typical Zegna's "sober" kind of style (severe, apparently ordinary, "italian" and with no useless excesses). Z di Zegna is a well crafted, yet copiously classic in style, "daily office wear type" fruity-herbal-aquatic (yes crisp, cool, casual, metallic, spory, dynamic etc etc) which, despite appointed with undeniable well-measured craftsmanship, hardly manages to add (or detract as well) quite nothing to the modern perfumery's history. Lanvin with its Alberto Morillas 1997's Lanvin L'Homme did a quite similar (actually more minty-aromatic but somewhat less exotic in fruitiness) job which I honestly prefer on Z and which can be seriously considered (yet at time of that far back in time olfactive season) kind of avant-garde in herbal-ozonic minimalism. Taking random a look around the "waving on internet" comments on this juice you can notice a huge amount of olfactory connections/comparisons (Azzaro Chrome, which I disagree about, several Tommy Hilfiger, Davidoff Echo Man, several Adidas, D&G Light Blue, Bond I love New York For the Fathers etc etc) and the point is exactly that basically this juice retraces (yes, probably in a more accurate way) a throughly runned olfactive recipe which is frankly going to be by now more than redundant and immensely boring (despite, according with Colin Maillard, Z owns probably something special, by performing its mostly leathery, warmly spicy and fruity exotic, peculiarities). Unfortunately ones again a classically "abused" recipe has been picked up yet in this case, despite re-interpreted in the classiest (most elegant and sober) of the possible ways. Honestly I have just a couple of specific considerations (in order to redeem the dignity of this fragrance) after remarking that you can just get a plenty of "yet elsewhere admired" (fruity, metallic, woody, ozonic/marine, sharply floral, spicy and musky) elements. First of all I get (just for a while) a fleeting multicoloured fruity presence in the same vein as the one we get in Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise For Men (kind of plummy-peachy-tropical and ostensibly orchid-veined). Honestly I get as well in the opening several herbal nuances conjuring me partially scents a la Trussardi Action Uomo or Basile Uomo and this is a "part" that I in particular appreciate. In general I don't get in particular (I mean particularly heady) the "azuree" vibe since fortunately this juice, despite surely semi-aquatic, is at same time (and more evidently) warmly leathery-ambery, smoky, spicy piquant and almost dusty-mineral (with a sort of Gucci by Gucci shadowy dusty-austere appeal). I can also add to get a more properly contemporary "salty-aquatic" rendition conjuring more in particular modern (smoothly salty) takes on the aquatic theme (than properly a 90's old-style aquatic's angular rendition). Any typical smooth iris-presence under my unholy nose, probably iris plays just in here in terms of rooty support to a central (soon fading) herbal earthiness, while it seems to get seriously a sort of traditional violet leaves/geranium combo. I get nutmeg and pepper for sure (spiciness is notable) and this exotic fruity presence imprinting a touch of "tropical" to the whole olfactory "effort". Dry down is a touch more warm (synth ambergris), virile, spicy and intimate, surely elegant but still common and mainstream in a way making hard for me to go beyond a "barely hooked" medium rating. Probably hints of smooth leather (kind of "overheated by summer afa car-seat" vibe) emerge along dry down but nothing drafting a special story or to be particularly remarked. I get for sure a modern sense of translucent balanced elegance (almost minimalistic, high tech, well tailored). I respectfully disagree with each overly severe or bashing assessment but honestly don't see how to "imprint" passional ratings to a not more than average work. Surely pleasant but something that doesn't make a special statement.
Dec 9, 2015

Yet another of the thousands of acquatic/woody rip offs that have taken over the market since CK1.

This begins with an aldehydic burst of citrus (bergamot) and herbal (rosemary). It quickly dries down to the artemesia reedy woodiness common to this type of scent.

Turin gave it four stars, dubbing it a "citrus herbal," and yet not praising it much in the few lines he gives it, so one must wonder why he gave it four stars. As almost always in dealing with modern scents, his reviews baffle me, being miles away from my own experience.

In any case, this is nothing special and as it progreses on my skin, quite unattractive.
Oct 7, 2015

Fruity-minty metallic fizziness, translucent soapiness, azure water, crystal and glass, a sparkling fruity cocktail, with a subtle, sophisticated sort of “synthetic leather chair” feel. The smell of cold metal, rubber, fresh air. Both formally gentle, and almost arrogant with its cold cutting sharpness, especially at the beginning. What instantly got my attention here is that Z by Zegna manages to stay connected to a certain type of “middle class mainstream” references, which in the end would be, I guess, more or less aligned to Zegna's customers' world, while smelling almost avantgarde, decidedly “niche” and different enough from other similar designer scents: it smells sharp, crisp, minimalistic, “cold” and synthetic, but by no means “cheap” or generic – not at all. If that makes sense, on the contrary it smells “high quality synthetic”. Both for the quality and the creativity involved. An azure-black scent: if you take a look at the bottle, that's the perfect visual depiction of the fragrance. Glass, azure water, grey metal, black rubber. This may be classified as a fruity-spicy-woody aquatic scent, as it basically seems composed by tart citrus notes, something fruity and bittersweet like apple or blackcurrant, soft woods, sharp spices, green notes and a very hint of patchouli; surely on the “fresh & office-safe” mainstream side, but this doesn't prevent it to be classy and above all, something on its own creativity-wise. It does not really remind me of anything else, and I quite disagree about considering this a copycat of Aqua di Giò or similar fragrances. It clearly belongs to that same family in broad terms, but this doesn't make it a redundant blatant copy. While the concept of “sport/aquatic/office-fresh” fragrance is surely involved, in my opinion Z by Zegna sits actually quite away from most other fragrances of those genres. It conveys those clichés, but in a unique way – colder, fruitier, sharper, with a really peculiar feel of “icy futuristic elegance”. It smells sophisticated, formal and sporty at once, cold and synthetic yet somehow slightly “warm” in a really natural way – the warmth of lukewarm crystal water and sea breeze. This "warm" feature will emerge clearly on the drydown, more centered on extremely subtle dusty-powdery-woody notes. Kind of yuppie, a bit light and a bit too linear to be entirely compelling, but in my opinion surely fascinating and more than pleasant to wear.

May 1, 2015

Z Zegna is one of my all time favorite summer colognes. It smells very fresh and clean. It is perfect for "casual Friday" at the office or just for general daytime wear. It is perfect for the hot and humid climate we have in South Florida. I get many compliments when I wear it. It lasts a long time on me.
May 23, 2014

Alternate Aquatic If that sea of aquatics is too long a list, Here's one worth trying, a definite twist. To clean, fresh and fruity, add citrus and tart, Enough of a difference to set it apart. Lithe and linear, projection's not strong, But for summertime pleasure, it sings it's own song.
Jun 18, 2013

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