YSL pour Homme 
Yves Saint Laurent (1971)

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YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent
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Pierre Dinand
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Yves Saint Laurent's signature fragrance.
FIFI awards winner in 1974

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Reviews of YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 75 reviews of YSL pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.

Delicious lemon and lavender hits you like a summer sunrise. You are awakened, you are ready to take on the world, and as you do, the muscles move, the sweat hits your brow, and the fuel of passion is detected. YSL Pour Homme has a plot twist: the dry herbs, the musky animalism, a phantom civet reveals themselves no sooner than the top notes report their fanfare. It it were a sound it would be a cornet.

Nostalgia with subtle shades of eroticism are here for me on a personal level, but most noteworthy is that Pour Homme has such charm; if a fragrance could be charismatic, this one would have it spades. It's bold without being brash, has dimension that belies its apparent simplicity, and just caresses the wearer in masculine, genteel elegance.

A true masterpiece that has sadly been laid to rest. I will treasure each spray with relish.

YSL PH is a beautiful,"vintage" fragrance from the 1970's that gives us a sort of window into the past.at a time when men's fragrance had to be overtly masculine in order to attract buyers,not UNISEX!we can write 1000 words or keep it very short on this one.classic masculinity in the bottle ...very french...a timeless classic...a masterpiece of style... it reminds me of a long walk in the countryside at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn,in a day where suddenly the fresh and citrus notes are transformed into warm and enveloping notes.

It begins with a very fresh and convincing lemon-herbal top note that, as it fades,gives way to a well-blended, natural smelling woody mossy dark base giving this scent it's unique fresh masculine tone.i find a little animalic notes in the dry down,i detect some civet maybe.there is an earthy greenness that supports the creamy lemon,giving it a kind of aftershave quality,but with more depth.the older one feels a bit a more traditional,stronger and has more dark notes.this pairs with any occasion and exudes a real touch of class or an extra dimension to one's style.a top-notch classic which suggests immediately freshness,richness and manhood.

Pour Homme and Eau Sauvage are the yin and yang of citrus/chypre, they're at different ends of the spectrum. Eau Sauvage is light and ethereal, Pour Homme is rich and dark.

Lemon and peppery spice give Pour Homme a rawness which is underscored by moss and patchouli. The other main element is civet, a note that smells luxe and dirty at the same time. Pour Homme is about the (unwashed) body - as much as the scent itself - and with moss, spices and civet it's almost brutal. The influence on dark spicy scents like Havana and Cuba is plain to see.

And it seems that Pour Homme had the force of destiny behind it.
A full three years after it was released it won the first ever Men's Prestige FiFi.

Ripe and rich - in the classical French manner - Pour Homme still divides the sheep from the goats, and the chypre from the citrus.


My favorite chypre, lovely scent. Better dry down than CPM, and lasts much longer.


Old school citrus, in the same ballpark as Chanel Pour Monsieur. Biggest note is the lemon, sprinkled with some herbal notes for an aromatic kick; not much sweetness here. It's classic, dry, mature, masculine.

Lemony woody goodness is how I would summarize YSL pour Homme!

Considering how long this cologne has been around (just one year before my birth!), I admire the arguably legendary character of this scent.

YSL pour Homme is lemon-bergamot plus a string of skillfully incorporated ingredients: lavender, lemon verbena, petitgrain; with spicy and floral notes of rosemary, carnation, clary sage, brazilian rosewood, geranium and marjoram; and all sitting atop a woody-sweet-musky sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, patchouli, musk, vetiver and cedar.

Every time I close my eyes to process this scent, I am hit with well-crafted elements that feel friendly and confident. This is not a single-note lemon scent at all, but the lemony theme drives and defines the journey taken by those beholding it.

A still relevant cologne, YSL pour Homme epitomizes what a legendary scent should be.

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