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Versace (2011)

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Yellow Diamond by Versace

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Yellow Diamond is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Versace

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Reviews of Yellow Diamond by Versace

There are 16 reviews of Yellow Diamond by Versace.

She walks down in sunny streets of a greek island,she sees stone houses painted white with blue windows all around her and big flower pots with mimosa under the sun,it scent touch her soul and takes her back in time of carefree moments, endless summers,her happy daughters,and sweet kisses that puts a smile on her face.

This fragrance creates a sense of safety and comfort.opens with citrus.the powdery mimosa go on eternally in such generous abundance.there is a sentimental lily note.the pear is fresh and gentle,adding sweet bursts. mimosa is most dominant to my is by nature shy,demure and will be noticed, but it will never impose and scream it's presence.not too strong and longevity seems average.

Don't overthink this one. One ounce of analysis beyond its face value will pop the bubble of whimsy Yellow Diamond solicits. This review is from a carded sample vial I purchased with ironic intent. Had Yellow Diamond come loaded in an autoinjector I would have jabbed my leg with a smirk and thought, “Let's take a trip back to 2001.” Yes and no, as it turns out.

It's bold (okay), it's unapologetic (sure), and it's not at all attempting to do anything but stay on beat announcing a “woman” is present just follow your nose. There's sort of an enjoyable drag here like a Spring-themed Elvira, Mistress of the Overripe Bloom. For ladies who are in the mature category, this is either target zone for you or you'd want to actively avoid the whole cougar baggage. I'm not judging (you do you), but many others will which is news to nearly no one.

Launched in 2011 according to the Basenotes profile, Yellow Diamond entered the market a full decade later than I assumed. This could make Yellow Diamond dated or a retrospective culmination of the two-thousand aughts itself. A fun fragrance for what it is, I can't see purchasing a full bottle but I can absolutely see someone who doesn't know me well gifting me this if that makes sense.

3/5 in temperate US climates skewing 40+
4/5 in tropical Asian climates 25+

At best a meh aquatic fruity floral, kind of body spray like rather than perfume. At worst, headache inducing. Hard pass.

Yellow Diamond is so fresh and pretty. It opens with a sweet lemon followed by pear, water lily, freesia, and mimosa. The dry down is really soft, just a whisper of musk with a touch of wood. Yellow Diamond has the right balance of sweetness. It's not cloying or shrill. Longevity is moderate. Sillage is intimate. Inoffensive and cheerful, this would be perfect for any event.

Opening with bergamot ONLY, no detection of other top notes. It is very citrus almost fresh lemon like. 10 minutes later is freesia and expired lemon peel, unpleasant way. Another 10 minutes, mimosa is more dominant, freesia and expired lemon peel disappeared, Base notes consist of musk rather than woods.

Overall impression: very refreshing, but need to wait 10 minutes later for the expired lemon peel to disappear.

Color I think of: bright yellow, orange, white.
Words I think of: lemon, orange, fruity cocktail.
Suitable age (objective): Teen to 40's.

I've noticed that a number of fellow basenoters seem to dislike women's perfumes that have a dominant "citron" note, so I suspect that most of them probably aren't crazy about this one!

Honestly, though, "Yellow Diamond" is a fragrance that I spray from the bottle and immediately love! It has a scent that immediately lifts my spirits, no matter what mood I'm in! It actually reminds me of white wine spritzers with fruit, which is something that always puts a smile on my face! :D
It's a bright, sparkling, light, upbeat, fruity Eau de Toilette, and I would say that if you're a fan of Marc Jacob's "Daisy" EDT, you would probably like this too. I find that "Yellow Diamond" EDT and the "Daisy" EDT have very similar qualities. So, if you enjoy that one I recommend you try a sample of "Yellow Diamond" as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed. :)

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