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Yves Saint Laurent (2018)

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A seductive fragrance interpretation of Yves Saint Laurent's iconic white T-shirt and black jacket.

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Reviews of Y Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

There are 15 reviews of Y Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent.

Nice enough scent. Definitely not smelling like a lot of other recent blue fragrances which is a good thing.

I'm reminded of the discontinued Transat from Yves Rocher, which was done by Kurkdjian. That one sat at a lower price point and was scratchier because of it, Y EDP is not, it's very smooth. Main notes to me: a powdery, somewhat make up like apple accord, lavender/geranium/vetiver combo, a bit of amber extreme, tonka.

So it's an aquatic with a hint of gourmand (tonka) and a really good "Hugo!"-like apple accord with a nice powderiness. Doubted between neutral and positive but it smells too good to get just a neutral.
Nov 10, 2021

Nothing much I can add to the other positive reviews. Very crown pleasing, compliment pulling fragrance that is a bit on the sweeter side - but not overly sweet, so you can really use this as an every day fragrance too.

Very versatile, suitable for almost any situation.

Good longevity, ~8 hours, project well for two hours. Only downside is that it is a bit expesive for what it gives.

The scent 8/10
Longevity/projection 8/10
Price/value 6/10
Sep 11, 2020

Everyone says that this fragrance is very synthetic. It is, indeed, but it is very well put together, so who cares!

It's not a masterpiece or anything mindblowing like AdP Colonia Intensa or AdG Profumo, but it is very pleasant and that's what matters to me.

I've got to say though, it is very young, I don't see this fragrance as mature and elegant, it's a fresh, sweet and cozy fragrance. I'd say it could be considered unisex, but not to the point that it could be mistaken as a feminine scent.

I do love it and I think the smell is very relaxing, well done YSL

P.s.: Don't make the mistake of buying the EDT version, that one actually sucks
Mar 31, 2020

I love this scent. I have around 20+ bottles in my collection and I am relatively new to the fragrance community. It might have to do with my younger nose since I am 23 years-old. But, when I first smelled this at Ulta with my girlfriend, it was the only fragrance I kept on wanting to smell/sniff. Bought a bottle from YSL's offcial site (10% off for signing up + free engraving!)

I work 10-hour shifts at an office setting, and for me, I honestly still smell the scent when I get home. The opening is just so refreshing and deep to me. I also love Eros, guess I'm a sucker for that synthetic Apple scent. Also that ginger is noticeable too and I really feel like it invigorates the opening so well with the bergamont. The dry-down is just really pleasant and easy to like for me. This scent is mass appealing. Projection for me is moderate, which is perfect for me. It's winter at the moment and I find the performance works well even in the moderate cold days here in Washington. Such a versatile scent: wear it casually, for work, professionally, date nights, ect. Still, its probably best for the day/casual/work in my opinion as there are better options for night time/date scents.

Scent: 8.5/10
Longevity: 9/10
Projection: 8/10

Recommend? YES, definitely recommend you give this a try in my humble opinion!
Jan 20, 2020

A very clean, safe and extremely versatile scent. I find the initial blast to be quite pleasant, uplifting and strangely addicting (I like what I like). The dry down is what really sets this apart from the EDT as it just really has more heart and soul to it overall, more refined, a bit more mature (not old man mature) and comfortable with what it is and what it there to do compared to it's EDT counterpart.

The longevity has significantly improved over the EDT, and I found out the hard way to be careful not to overspray, 2-3 sprays max will last you the majority of your day. The projection of this was a bit tricky for me, as instead of it being more of a constant and slowly fading scent it would come and go in waves which caught me by surprise the first day of wearing it.

The versatility of this scent cannot be understated, you can wear this during any season for any reason and it never feels out of place.
Nov 17, 2019

Smells to me like every other designer right now and not good to boot. Gross synthetic soup
Sep 27, 2019

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