Daniel Hechter (1997)

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XXL by Daniel Hechter

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XXL is a men's fragrance launched in 1997 by Daniel Hechter

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Reviews of XXL by Daniel Hechter

There are 4 reviews of XXL by Daniel Hechter.

Yes this is a bit dull, but I like it. It falls in the analogs of Cool Water, except dustier. It appears to have a little tiny amount of civet in it too, which makes it exciting to my nose. It also reminds me of Etienne Aigner's Statement.

Am afraid i've got little to add except that if you've got a teenage kid or nephew you might consider buying this for him as a present. The scent is OK, but if this theme interests you personally, then consider the more potent BOSS ELEMENTS for yourself.

I can add little to Ken Russell's review. Very generic indeed, but slightly more intelligently crafted than the low end of design house Eau de Clones. It's the noted hint of sweetness and some intimations of spice that linger below the synthetic-aquatic conformity that raise this from the level of abomination to the category of wearable but not really necessary. Probably not a good choice for a house whose name, in fragrance, does not have the clout enabling it to sell boredom as the new hip. That might explain why I got this for a song on ebay.

A nice and fresh scent, but nothing more than this. Indecisive, just a combination of very neutral and unspectacular tones that lead to nowhere. After the daring and powerfull Caractere, this one is supposedly more modern yet misunderstandig modernity as inexpressive and synthetically artificial. Slightly aquatic and a touch too sweet to be seen as masculine.Still not necessarily a bad scent.

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