XX ± Latex 
Uèr Mì (2014)

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Reviews of XX ± Latex by Uèr Mì

There are 1 reviews of XX ± Latex by Uèr Mì.

This perfume can be perceived on several levels. At the most basic level it seems to be related, though rather distantly, to modern fougeres such as Brut.

At the next, more interesting level, it features some 'solvent-effect' topnotes. These give the impression of, for instance, a freshly resprayed car as it emerges from the paintshop, or a newly refurbished office. I haven't come across this effect done so well before, though 'Garage' from Comme des Garcons, had a shot at it.

At a third level, Latex supports the marketing story of a seashore environment. The seashore effect here is similar to IFF's floralozone, which has a slightly anisic type of fresh air note.

This is probably not the whole story but gives a rough idea. latex has a clean sillage which would make it easy to wear at the office and is not perfume-y in any way.
Feb 3, 2017

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