XJ Oud : Oud Luban 
Xerjoff (2012)

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Reviews of XJ Oud : Oud Luban by Xerjoff

There are 1 reviews of XJ Oud : Oud Luban by Xerjoff.

Prestigious, bespoke scent from Xerjoff's Mukhallat attar oud collection, Oud Laban comes across as sweet, spicy and resinous, with great longevity and projection.

Oud Laban has a lingering incense presence that immediately impressed me. It dances about the balsamic-floral accords, plus the green damp vetiver, dark spicy black pepper, and best of all, the duo ouds from Cambodia and my home country of India. Rich, olibanum-heavy feel full of character.

Performance? Average - I'd want something THIS pricy to be a beast when it comes to how long it'd last and its sillage. But strangely, Oud Laban lacks in this regard. (Just like its sibling, King Masarat.)

Personally, as much as I like this scent, I'll just stick to an in-store boutique counter sample of Oud Laban.
Dec 31, 2018

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