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Xerjoff for Tony Iommi (2021)


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Xerjoff for Tony Iommi by Xerjoff

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Xerjoff for Tony Iommi is a shared scent launched in 2021 by Xerjoff

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Reviews of Xerjoff for Tony Iommi by Xerjoff

There are 2 reviews of Xerjoff for Tony Iommi by Xerjoff.

Sampling the most recent special release from Xerjoff, Tony Iommi, a collaboration with the Black Sabbath guitarist. It’s fruity, spicy, gourmand-ish, and a little floral, even, and it feels aptly rock-and-roll sort of fragrance. It’s definitely a bit sharper in the opening and then a bit smoother after a couple hours on skin, and I prefer it in the dry down. It reminds me a bit (in concept) of 4160 Tuesdays Take Me to the River, albeit a bit sweeter and slightly more gourmand-leaning, but particular with the sweet, floral, leathery aspects there is a rock-and-roll commonality that I dig. I don’t think either fragrance is really for everyone, but both are great for standing out amongst the crowd and are recommended tries that perform well, in parfum concentration.

There are two versions, the standard Monkey Special retailing for 197 euros, with the signed Crystal retailing for 450 euros, available for purchase directly through the Xerjoff Universe website.

7 out of 10

Of all the collaborations that that exist in perfumery/music, this is the last one I would have seen coming! Thankfully Mr. Iommi and Sergio Momo didn't phone this one in, it's absolutely wonderful! I'm by no means an expert nose, but to me this is a dirty patchouli bomb in the best possible way! Opens with sharp bergamot but the patchouli is right there underneath and stays for the life of the fragrance, which on me lasts about 8-10 hours with above average projection for the first 2-3 hours. Really happy I was able to get my hands on this one. Thumbs up! 🤘

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