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Clive Christian (2001)

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X for Women by Clive Christian

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X for Women is a women's perfume launched in 2001 by Clive Christian

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Reviews of X for Women by Clive Christian

There are 7 reviews of X for Women by Clive Christian.

Gucci Rush's v. posh cousin. Absolutely lovely, but horribly expensive. Would be interesting to do a side by side to see just what that extra £180/50ml buys.

This is a great fragrance, a classic, rather than the more-hyped CC Woman No.1. I would say No.1 is for showing, X is for wearing.
It has beautiful quality florals that don't turn synthetic, sugary or thin in any part of the wearing, and are balanced and somewhat abstracted, in a classical manner. The peach didn't predominate on me - instead it gave the florals some voluptuousness. My skin doesn't always register peach notes, which is what kept Mitsouko from totally winning me. I think the peach must have made the difference between nice and sublime in that one.
I'm partial to an authentic, high quality jasmine-rose accord - It may be my favorite floral blend, and that is what came out on my skin in X, to my pleasure. As the opening dried down and I began smelling the floral accord at the heart of this fragrance, I fell in love. The tuberose and narcissus give a slight masculine moderation I like (masculine florals, yum), quite supportive with their slight green backbone, barest smidge of buttery earthiness; they got along very well. But my eye was on the jasmine and rose. X stayed with this accord until the end, to my luck. I've become so used to disillusionment, of finding a fragragrance note I love in the beginning veer another direction, intent on evolvement at the expense of a central core, or collapse and disappear in a disappointing fashion.

X for Women was long-lasting on my skin, most of a day. It has moderate sillage, but I don't care for fragrances that project into other's space so it was good for me, not loud in any way, unlike Woman No.1, yet its fragrance is very apparent, not timid or pale. The moderate sillage allows it to have an easy lingering quality, so every time I moved my arm, I caught a whiff of it. To me that is the most desirable way to smell perfume - glimpses, teases, small looks. A steady on barrage, which I think is most recognized as the elevator experience, has little mystery, and X for Women is best introduced to others as a mystery. It was a pleasure to catch that floral soupçon. With that, it will do well spraying on your clothing, as it is made to waft in that manner.
This is a classic feminine perfume. Now that many old classics are gone or reformulated with tragic consequences, ones like X are worth seeking out.
Full bottle worthy, though the price seems high, even for what it is.

Awfully rich smell, both literally and figuratively.

A peachy woody (read reedy) ephemeral scent that disappears soon after you apply.

In other words, a joke. One that won over Turin with his four stars.

A real rip-off in big letters with Madison Square Garden lights. Emperor's Slightly Hand -Me Down Clothes.

Longetivity: 5 seconds. Sillage: 000000.1 %

Seriously, this is "trash" with a capital "T."

As you walk through a room you leave a part of you behind,making heads turn and everyone asking," what kind of perfume are you wearing?" simply say CLIVE CHRISTIAN and they will not be able to duplicate you because this regal brand has special scents.X for women is much better than GUCCI RUSH for me.it has a subtle scent that is so feminine and yet seductive in a very exciting manner.gorgeous,lovely, versatile, irresistible,voluptuous, expensive and classy.

A blend of crisp and fruity resins, evening flowers with base notes of vanilla and musk,makes a exotic and whimsical chypre-fruity which seems innocent at first but hints at unbridled sensuality later on.in fact It opens with a blast of pineapple,peach,bergamot and mandarin orange,middle notes bloom with a bouquet of rose, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley.the dry down consist of sensual vanilla and warm musk.

If the Gucci Rush dry down is silvery,X for women has a golden dry down.this head-turning fragrance can be dressed up or down for both Day and evening wear.It is a all purpose scent.it is soft yet makes a statement.in my opinion X For Women is great for any time of the year from summer to winter.so lovely for a men when you spray it on your neck.this EDP makes a young lady more sophisticated and captivating.

A very soft, very milky/lactonic peach, jasmine and white musk combination, which seems to be impressive in sillage, it has generated positive comments several times. It has an underlying butteriness which is charming. I can only relate to natural shea butter that has a slightly smokiness to it. X however lacks the sour component I find disturbing in smoke scent. The fruity aspect is balancing on the very ripe side with a honeyed sweetness and sometimes dangerously close to be rotten. The jasmine smells of high quality. Nasomatto Nuda feels like a close sibling. Nice done, but ultimately too linear and therefore boring to justify the price tag.

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