Woody for Men fragrance notes

    • grapefruit, yellow mandarin, pink pepper, vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood, oud, musk, amber

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I get a lovely prominent citrus opening and detect some of the underlying spices, I can't discern them clearly enough. It is enjoyable and there's a delicacy to it, definitely not a blast of household cleaner style citrus. The underlying vetiver becomes more prominent in short order and there's initially something slightly floral to it that reminds me a bit of Guerlain's current Vetiver but this is not as astringent.

There's a slight dustiness that I'm picking up in the middle, it might be the patchouli. It eventually settles down to a soft, gentle vetiver. This could almost be unisex. The fragrance name is again misleading, this is very much a vetiver dominant fragrance with a soft cirtus opening, I do not get any wood. Perhaps 'Grassy for Men' might be a more appropriate name for this. Pretty decent if you like vetivers and defintely worth a try if you're a vetiver collector. I don't get any oud.
24th February 2021
Nice citrus-woody opening that dries down to a clean, dry cedar scent with an oud edge. Another good one from Rasasi.

Performance is okay overall. Projects for the first 3-4 hours and then sits close to skin for around 10 hours.
28th November 2017