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Reviews of Wood pour Homme by Dsquared2

There are 4 reviews of Wood pour Homme by Dsquared2.

The scent of disappointment..

To discontinue the entire line of He Wood and such masterpieces as Rocky Mountain and Potion for the sake of this misunderstanding is simply a crime against humanity! And as a fanboy of the brand with 12 years of experience - this is a complete disappointment! Absolutely nothing outstanding! This is simple, boring, spineless, frivolous and feminine, sorry, unisex compote for teenagers, as well as everything that the brothers are doing now.
The fragrance is very fresh and light, and it is not masculine at all (It does not have that masculinity, strength, drive and energy. The fragrance, frankly, is feminine in nature, it is not even unisex! It is youthful, light and carefree, and very simple. No it has complex overflows and interesting nuances.
Closer to the base, it becomes very similar to the female DSQUARED2 Wood, well, just a copy! Even cardamom does not save! Yes, the aroma is quieter and looser, and slightly ginger, as if with an aquatic note (or is it the intrigues of ozone).
The aroma becomes quiet and grassy, ​​the cardamom starts to solo so that it prevents the other components from opening up, it suppresses everything and as a result we get closer to the mono base the aroma of cardamom with sea water. I don't know where the water is still here ... there is a lot of it, it is salty and fresh.
In the database, he became very soapy and completely tasteless. It sounds on the skin, it is very simple and very cheap. Unfortunately, this was not what I expected ... not at all. Resistance is even less than that of his pair, only 1-2 hours. There is a train, but very weak. Neither ambroxan nor vetiver here at all, no ... I'm sad.
This novelty in the base resembles the perfume of men's shower gels and shaving foam, so there is nothing special and interesting in it in my opinion. And so it all started well ... Alas, I can't advise you this fragrance, well, absolutely.
Dec 27, 2019

Wood Pour Homme by DSquared2 (2018) is a reworking of the original He Wood (2007) with perfumer Daphney Bugey brought back alongside mainstream hired gun Alberto Morillas, and the results are very disappointing. To say the least, He Wood was not really missed when the entire Dsquared2 line was scrapped and the perfume house rebooted, but it wasn't without its fans. The basic fruity soft accords over Iso E Super fake woods base was a real let down after grasping the solid wood framed original bottle, and this newest iteration sports a huge maple leaf as if Wood pour Homme was the unofficial men's fragrance of Canada, while delivering a slightly more-rounded experience that ends just as sadly. Overall if feels like Daphney Bugey ran through some notes from the most popular men's entries in the mostly-failed former catalog of Dsquared2, and remixed them with a little bit of help from the AI-assisted assembly line cyborg perfuming technowizard Morillas. A bit of the ambery muskiness of Dsquared2 Wild (2014) is spliced into the DNA of He Wood, and the whole thing is lifted onto an ambrox framework. The whole Wood pour Homme experience is a mix tape of meh, a return of the beige apologetic feel of the 90's in 2010's trappings. Asleep yet? You should be.

The opening is the best part, with bergamot, lemon, ginger, and mandarin orange leading with a sweet spicy charge. After this ends, we're moved into cardamom, violet, vetiver, and some nondescript dusty white florals making this feel like a flunked Calvin Klein seasonal flanker. It's a bit interesting, but not satisfying like the top, but since most modern designer things not made by the big players live and die by the top notes at the point of sale due to budgetary strangling, I can't really say I didn't see this coming. The soft semi-powdery amber comes next, with cashmeran "white woods", laundry musk, Iso E Super, and the obvious ambrox warmth coming in on skin. The finish leaves us with a pillowy soft, richer, more urbane take on the original He Wood, which some people looking for a pleasantly inoffensive but decently-projecting office fragrance might desire, but anyone expecting the fragrance to deliver upon the promise made by the bucolic packaging will find lacking. Wear time is about 6 hours, so you'll need to reapply in a work day, and this seems generalist enough for any time of year save the dead of summer. Prices are obviously on designer levels but I'm sure this will flush out to discounters within a short time because it really lacks any sense of style.

The market for Wood pour Homme exists, and is mainly the tech-savvy but fashion-daft white collar STEM dude who wants to be "one of the guys" with his AWD blue Subaru equipped with roof rack and REI sticker, but reveals his inner techbro by stopping to play Pokemon Go while unkempt in sandals and socks on the way to Whole Foods for that kombucha he likes. He doesn't really care about fragrance let alone deodorant but the bottle looked rugged, manly, and it smelled "nice enough", plus he wanted to "up his game" a little ever since Wendy from Marketing started smiling at him on the way back from Monday meetings. If this poor desperate cash-flush but clueless sort of sod fits the description of someone you know, buy them a bottle of Wood pour Homme so they can have "some nice cologne", but anyone else with even a small modicum of desire to smell like they care about the way they smell would do much better to explore other options at the same counter where this is displayed. Wood pour Homme is not only a huge misnomer, but one of the most boring things I have sampled released in the 2010's. Sample and see for yourself. Thumbs down.
Sep 28, 2019

Based on the notes listed and the perfumer, I had high expectations.
Clean, citrus opening with a small amount of ginger. Later, I can start to detect the violet leaves. No one note is dominant and that may be why I like this but not love it. There's nothing amazing because everything is subdued, which means this is very wearable and smells nice.

I'm reminded of how nice it smells every time I catch a whiff but I'm just not wow'd by it. Maybe that's what Morillas intended. Definitely not a woody scent, despite the name. Deep into the drydown it's violet and vetiver that come through.

Projection is average throughout. Longevity is very good, lasting 12 hours on my skin.
Dec 7, 2018

Very weak and generic, uninteresting. Maybe would've been more interesting if it was more intense. Imitates some other frags from this house which are not bad, but with them around, cheap and available, this one is dull and redundant. Dsquared Wild was a muse in particular for this one, which was also not interesting.

Originality 3/10
Scent 5/10
Longevity 6/10
Projction 4/10

(test wear 05.11.2018.)
Dec 6, 2018

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