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This is bad. I am not sure wht they were going for, but it is not a very good fragrance. it is light, it has a bit of the original Wolfgang Joop, but it simply cannot make up its mind, a weak blue-green (individually, not blended) spicy mess. Ironic, considering 'freigeist' is German for free thinker. This thinker never arrives at free thought.
6th April 2010
I just had a sample vial a few days ago and tested it on a paper strip since I yet wore cologne this day. I wasn't impressed at all but decided to try on my skin today though.According to other websites, it's a "fresh floral fougere", and I would call it fresh too. But not fresh in the way I like :(Well... I find it boring, extremely common in a 90s feeling. I still was a child in the 90s and I remember I was given some sample vials of Joop! and Joop! Nightflight. This is exactly what I think about when I smell this "new" Joop! fragrance. It's not really too much bad, it's just not me.I don't really like what I call "perfumey" fragrances, I prefer to let the people puzzling what I'm wearing ("is that his showergel ?" "maybe a 'special oil' ?") rather than just make people think "oh he's wearing cologne...". Following this way, I'm rather in odd and light fragrances than powerhouses who fills a room by their smell.And this Joop! is a typical generic and bland mix of this kind of fragrances who growned up in the 90s.I'm sure it will sell though, cause I know a lot of people like that kind of fresh and a bit woody ones, and if I wanted one like that too, it could do the job well.I only tried it once so I don't wanna be too much uncompromising about the longevity and sillage, but they seem to be both honest even if I tend to think that the longevity is not really impressive.For me it's a thumb down cause I'm really not in that kind of frags, but let your own taste leads you, afterall I'm rather a newbie in fragrance world so I'm not trained enough yet to always perceive all the subtleties in a frag ;)
1st February 2010