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With Pleasure was one of Andy Warhol's favorite perfumes. He was a Caron customer, WP his most frequent purchase, or so I was told by the lady who ran the New York boutique. She gave me a lot of the literature the company handed out to employees, and With Pleasure was an exclusive release. You could only find it in the Miami, Dallas and New York Bloomingdales boutiques.

Smelling it now, I find WP one of Caron's "open air" perfumes. There are two types of Caron perfume, one is decidedly indoor, the speakeasy in full swing (Tabac Blond) the late night performance of Nautch girls in New Delhi (Narcisse Noir) as opposed to the sunny morning on the Riviera (Acaciosa) or the flower market on the shores of Lago Maggiore (Bellodgia). This is a very sour rosy scent, or the top accord has turned- which happens. However, With Pleasure is really green, and reminds me irresistibly of drying roses, privet hedges in bloom, then hay fields. Not hard to see why a Pittsburgh native might gravitate to it.

The company said the perfume was " A delicate blend of hyacinth, lily of the valley and rose, sparked with musk." OK. But I still smell rose gardens blooming behind privet hedges and haying going on in the meadow next door.
6th November 2022
Slightly green and herbal hesperidic rose is supremely elegant and smooth. Perfectly orchestrated With Pleasure could be a light-hearted younger daytime sister of Or et Noir.
17th February 2009