Wisteria & Violet 
Jo Malone London (2014)


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Wisteria & Violet by Jo Malone London

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Jo Malone London
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Part of the 'London Rain' collection.

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Reviews of Wisteria & Violet by Jo Malone London

There are 2 reviews of Wisteria & Violet by Jo Malone London.

Anne Shirley would wear this well walking down The White Way of Delight in Avonlea.often happens that choosing a fragrance for your mood. this is one of those that creates a mood.you put on it...and you again feel is newcoming spring the way how you felt it when you were.carefreely. with wide-open eyes and a light heart.that's how flit in it,inhaling waves of fragrance and enjoying beautiful may.it is delicate and green, sweet and powdery with the most innocent bouquet of iris,lily and violet.

Upon initial opening it is a aromatic spicy by wisteria and patchouli and then gets really sweet on my skin and then morphs into the most heavenly violet,iris and lily.from now on you will see the world through the iridescent halo,which is so ridiculously pretty,that it makes you gigle.slowly the beautiful florals emerge from the haze,soft and charming.finally the patchouli comes across strong fairly soon and stays there throughout the dry down.

Beautiful painting of a gentle morning shower, apparently drenching the enigmatic wisteria flower found in London.

Jo Malone certainly selected some fine ingredients for this "London Rain Collection" scent: Water lily (aqueous floral spicy sweet notes), wisteria (clove and lilac qualities), violet (powdery iris-like note), and patchouli (earthy, woody herbal edge). Simple construction, and overall what I experience is a floral-fresh scent full of sweet flowery and wet sensations.

An unusual, distinctive scent for me, as I am not at all familiar with wisteria; I will take Jo Malone's word for it about it hanging on London walls, etc. :-)

Can be worn by men or women, though it may be more suited for ladies.

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