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Reviews of Wish by Chopard

There are 27 reviews of Wish by Chopard.

A cherry syrupy, creamy gingerbread and lots of cottoncandy Angel-clone. Its start is much too powerful chemical smelling but it settles down in a pleasant but too familiar gourmand dryout.
Jun 13, 2019

Pear, a touch of black current, and floral notes on top. I get no overt sweetness from Wish. The middle is all flower. Sharpness. Slight bitterness. Lots of magnolia. A hint of something like honey or beeswax. Base is of vanilla, toffee, and Tonka bean. This sort of remind me of cola or root beer on the base. I detect no resemblance to Angel here. This, is its own "person".
Sep 12, 2018

Oh I thought I loved the bottle then I wore it. This is a new favorite. Do I smell Angel, yes... But that is just one layer of this many layered confection. For me and my very pale skin, I can put on the loudest perfume and have it muted in an hour. So I tend to wear my scent on my clothes and in my hair (stupid long hair). Even on my skin this shines, with the drydown being incense, caramel and a nuttiness that is rolling on the bed sniffing myself. Well maybe not that intense but I like it.

I think due to the fact that I rotate my perfumes daily not to go noseblind... That I enjoy this perfume even more. It offers different notes depending on fabrics, and never seems to be the same twice...but not so far apart as not to be unrecognizable. There is a definite powderiness for me, a cuddling feeling, very winter and almost Christmas. Not sure I will be reaching for this come July.

Projection is good, but no so bad that my one co-worker complained. She occasionally does. Being that I can still smell it after work, I would say silage is very good as well.

This is not a mass appeal type of scent it going to be hit or miss, love or hate. If you don't like a chameleon property, stick to Angel.
Dec 24, 2016

I do not like Angel. I get it but dislike it. Wish is much better than angel. Less cloying. And then after 30 minutes settles and the oriental side shows up. I would recommend it to those who dislike Angel but want to explore the genre
Oct 17, 2015


A youngger sister of ANGEL.It is very difficult to get nice perfume for lower price but this one has the both,that makes it great.WISH is a sweet and cozy fragrance that fuses traditional femininity with a modern elegance.It is one of my Oriental-Vanilla favorites on a sweet lady. Warm,Seductive,Sweet, Addictive,Feminine,Vanillic, Popular and Memorable.

A top notes accord of honeysuckle,brazilian rosewood, coconut and orange blossom.the heart blends of orchid with the warm seductiveness of honey,softened by a milky mist of vanilla, caramel and sandlwood as it gives you feel cozy and comfortable. the dry down is really nice and cozy for me.It is a oriental vanilla but not in a cloying way.

It is perfect for romantic nights on the town. suitable for cold weather when it is warmth radiates with the plushness of a cashmere blanket.the very best part of putting on WISH CHOPARD everyday is the memories which come flooding back.ladies,a man have tell you it drives me to rapture!What's a better compliment!


Longevity?Good on my skin.

May 24, 2015

This is derivative of Angel, with its sugar-laden patchouli aspect, but love it or hate it, Angel is a study in exciting contrasts, and on me at least, dries down to a softer, darker, chocolate-tinged purr.

Wish on the other hand, opens softer and more accessible, but grows progressively sweeter, headier, and higher-pitched until it reaches tooth-aching, migraine-inducing intensity, with no darker notes to round it out or ground it.

If you have the type of skin that "swallows" sweet, heady, candied-flower notes, this might work for you. Unfortunately, Wish doesn't like my company. This sweeter, more demure-looking sister goes a little crazy and starts scraping the blackboard with her nails whenever I get close.
Sep 10, 2012

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