Winter of 99 
Kerosene (2019)

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Winter of 99 by Kerosene

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John Pegg

It was the end of the 90s, and Detroit was pummeled by a snow storm as panic ensued over Y2K. Were the heat and lights ever gonna come back on? Refuge under a cozy blanket with a mug in hand.

It was the Winter of '99.

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There are 2 reviews of Winter of 99 by Kerosene.

This scent has smoldering vanilla, wood, molasses, and nutmeg. This is warmth and comfort with a real dash of spice. I don't know how to aptly describe this, but the molasses seem to give it a warm, furry feel. This is a smoky, bold vanilla, and I'm loving it!

The opening accord of spices and old tires dries down to caramel and old tires, and eventually to just an almost ineradicable caramel.

I want to say something about Kerosene's art direction. It trades on its association with Detroit, my home town, and the website is replete with images of chains and beat-up bricks and plaster. The perfumer cites as inspiration "the scent of dirt, grease, oil and sometimes blood...gasoline, stamped steel, plastic, trees, earth." Yet the five fragrances I've tried smell overwhelmingly and unmistakeably of pastry, cookies, and candy. It's a big disappointment.

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