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Winter by Dasein

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Reviews of Winter by Dasein

There are 9 reviews of Winter by Dasein.

Wow, this fragrance is getting a lot of positive comments about the authentic conifer notes, but my experience is exactly the same as the most recent review below, by ccw. I have to wonder if there hasn't been a drastic reformulation. ‘Winter' smells exactly like a Yankee Candle Christmas candle - not the pure scent of forest conifers, but the ones blended with that sugarplum note that spells ‘holiday'.

The candles smell kind of nice burning during the holidays in the house, but I don't care to wear it - just too much of a crossover from functional fragrance. I can't get the connection out of my head.

I think it smells better as a candle. It's a little unsettling when such dead-ringer crossover fragrances are offered as Indy originality. Even more unsettling though, may be that this is the wave of the future. Is it bad? No. But I want to smell a little more human, and have some space between me and those holiday candles.

Winter smells exactly like Christmas. I am a bit disappointed in the syrup quality, it would have been so much better if sheer and less sweet. Instead it gives the impression of those Christmas tree car fresheners that dangle from the rear view mirror. Actually, those smell better. A better comparison is a Yankee Christmas candle, but made with better materials. I am giving it a neutral review because I can see how some people would find this enjoyable. Just too sweet and syrupy for me.

This is the fragrance that actually got me into this hobby recently. I was looking for a fragrance that "smelled like Christmas", which in my mind means spruce, pine, and fir trees. After some Google searches, I found Dasein Winter (and Winter Nights which doesn't seem to be on BN yet) and did a blind buy.

I wore it daily through the coldest part of the year and loved every moment of it. I dream of living in the mountains, or at least somewhere that has trees some day (which I don't now), and this was like being surrounded by a forest all day/night.

Plus, the longevity was amazing... I could smell it on myself at the end of the day and my coat would smell like it the next morning when I'd put it on. The sillage wasn't as enormous as I thought it would be and my coworker had to get really close to smell it, which that's fine with me since the conifer/lavender combo is so good in my opinion that I don't care if anyone else gets to smell it.

The Winter Nights version is good as well, but adds some sweet smokiness to it like you're sitting around a campfire. Worth checking out as well.

Winter is the first creation by Dasein Fragrance that I've had the pleasure to try and it does not disappoint. It's pleasantly dominated by spruce and pine, a fresh woody delight that does remind one of winter, at least in much of North America, where such trees are widely found.

The lavender adds to the freshness and the cardamom essentially comprises the spiciness, but Winter remains subdued by the woody duo that make up most of the scent profile.

The use of pine rings similar to that of Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache, but certainly CH is dramatically sweeter due to a pronounced strawberry note, whereas Winter is milder and slightly spicy due to the cardamom.

Winter performs above average for an EDP, and at $95 for 50ml is not a bad value at all as it's very wearable for women and men alike. In my collection it would prove a bit redundant as I already have a love Cape Heartache, but I'd encourage others to try out Winter as it does have a similar Christmas tree candle reminiscent vibe about it. Still, I'd call Winter a "like" not a "love," as the gap between it and the blend of CH is substantial.

7 out of 10

another iso-e super heavy fragrance -- this one amounting to an exact replica of comet detergent.
if you have ever pined to smell like comet, do get this by all means. i will pass.

Walking through a winter forest amongst spruce and pine trees - that is the gist of the top notes, and they are very convincingly done. A bit strange, are rarely encountered these two species closely mixed in a forest, but artistic licence creates olfactory harmony here. The spruce conjures up connotations of Christmas Trees, of course. The drydown delivers the cardamom, strong but not overwhelming on my skin, and fitting in nicely with the wood notes.

The second half is clearly dominated by a strong, clean lavender, which develops in a gradual crescendo to take over the base eventually. Initially bright, it turns a touch darker and woodsier with time, but never develops any sort of powderiness or soapiness on me. A modern lavender.

The performance is excellent, with moderate sillage, very good projection and a stupendous fourteen hours of longevity on me. A lovely creation and of ingredients of very good quality. 3.5/5.

Why? On me, the cardamom dominates and wipes out the coniferous and lavender notes. Caradmom is a nice, aromatic spice in itself. But it wasn't why I sought out this scent. The note gives a foody aspect. And this I find a bit hackneyed -- it is possible to walk through a cool forest without munching on Christmas cake.
Conifers are brief, acceptable but not outstanding. Lavender is also acceptably camphoraceous but that too is brief.
The scent is not terrible, it is cool and spicy at the same time.
It has no suggestion of anything green in it.

A nice, all-natural smelling fragrance of pine and blue spruce. The citric element of blue spruce makes this one smell like a Christmas tree dipped in lemon syrup. A soft lavender in the base provides a rich, gentle texture that is clean, cool and aromatic. On skin, the warmer elements emerge, and the syrupy quality is a bit more pronounced. On fabric, the lavender plays a larger role, and the cooler, fresher aspects emerge. Overall, this is a very pleasant scent that is completely unisex. It reminds me of Fille en Aiguilles with more whites and yellows. A must try for fans of conifers and those in search of a scent that reflects the coldest season of the year. Longevity is about 5 hours and projection is average.

I read an article about the company and perfumer and was so intrigued I ordered a sample immediately. This is a beautiful perfume and the name absolutely fits. The essential oil is harvested from pines in the Austrian Alps, and to me it is as if I was cutting branches and the sticky resin got on my hands and clothes, very fresh and natural. Underlying the fir is a clean lavender and spice that add to the cool comforting smell. I had a few friends try it, and the first words they used to describe it was a "Christmas tree farm in the snow". Definitely ordering the FB before Dec. A perfect scent to wear for the holidays!

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