Wind Wood 
Mancera (2014)

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Reviews of Wind Wood by Mancera

There are 4 reviews of Wind Wood by Mancera.

Interesting. The composition isn't brilliant, but there is a straightness and clarity of vision here. It is a green ambroxan floral. It smells remarkably like Ormonde Royal Elixir. That is much more expensive, and this came first, so I wouldn't call it a clone, but it is close enough to pass. There is something a little less intricate and delicate here, but beyond that smells good. Just feels like a high neutral to me though.
Nov 23, 2021

Similar to Aoud Violet but instead of aoud you get leather, so it has a sweetened Fahrenheit or Carven pour Homme feel to it. Also, there's a greeness to this that also reminds me of GIT. In fact, my wife mistook this for GIT.

Some spicey-cedar coming through into the drydown that may be giving it a tea-scent vibe.

Overall good performance, which is typical for Mancera. Good projection and longevity lasting into the 8-10 hour range.
Dec 11, 2018

Very nice fragrance in my opinion. The opening is fantastic i love the wood, mandarin fresh smelling notes. This is a great any day fragrance however.. after 2 hours you could smell the "pepper" which is in their for a quite a long of time.. i could smell it for 5 hours.. Wood & Pepper very spicy.. safe for work environment personally i wouldn't wear this on a date i think the pepper is a little bit too strong. Wish that the fruity notes lasted a little bit longer..

Overal a great fragrance as you can expect from Mancera.
Feb 9, 2017

Nice fragrance, resembles Aoud Violet; smell of (oud not listed), leather, pink pepper, patchouli....very nice! Masculine and aquatic from the green notes and mandarin. This fragrance carries a dark ambiance with it that's woody, and a lovely woody that is! There also, in the dry down, a menthol kind of effect mixed with the leather, not a bad thing just an observation!

By the way, this reminds me of Bois 1920 Classic by the freshness and the woodiness...

Overall, a keeper!!
Oct 20, 2016

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