Wild Python 
Mancera (2018)

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Wild Python by Mancera

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Wild Python is a women's perfume launched in 2018 by Mancera

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Reviews of Wild Python by Mancera

There are 2 reviews of Wild Python by Mancera.

Like being out in the evening in the summer somewhere in orient (India), lights brighten the night sky, a thick wet jungle of green tuberose flowers there's a fresh breeze, tropical flowers and greens surrounded she, she's drinking and dancing with her lover. She can smell the fresh florals in the air, while the smell of warm musky sweat emanates from her skin, in between he kissing she passionately on her neck, he perform sucking motions on the skin of her neck and then gently proceed to breathe all over it, then kiss it again. An absolutely evocative scent but the name is misleading as there is nothing wild about it. It's a romantic, lovely, feminine and carefree blend of fruits and tropical flowers.

It starts sweet and juicy with lots of lush osmanthous & orange blossom and a tiny little bit of peach. After half an hour, there come the whiffs of tuberose,it is slightly nauseating. Then it quiets down, the tuberos turns more wearable and a shy musk note appears to blend with the over sweet and mouthwatering osmanthous. In fact the subtle vanilla & musk in the base lends some warmth and depth to the overall scent profile and creates a harmoniously balanced floral perfume. The floral notes are noticeable but not heady or suffocating. If you like tuberose, you'll love this, if you dislike tuberose, you'll hate this. Sillage is moderate, which in this case, i appreciate-no need for a floral composition to be overwhelming and longevity is 6 hours on my skin.

Amazing osmanthus and tuberose opening that smells a lot like neroli to me. Amazing drydown as well that smells similar to the opening but with less tuberose. Mostly a white floral scent and leans feminine. But man is this amazing! I love it even though I'm a male. If only I didn't have enough neroli scents to last a lifetime, I would have added this to my collection.


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